October 31, 2008

Trutap - Chat on MSN, Yahoo!, AIM and ICQ from your Mobile Phone
Trutap lets you send group messages, SMS and email from your mobile phone for free.

You can also chat with your friends on MSN (WLM), Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ and post to blogs, photo-sharing accounts and social networks from your mobile phone. Trupat supports multiple chats at the same time.

Trutap is free to join and use, but your phone network may charge you for using the Internet on your phone. Charges are normally based on data usage, so sending/receiving messages uses very little data, but pictures can use a bit more.

Trutap Screenshots :

Trutap - Chat on MSN, Yahoo!, AIM and ICQ from your Mobile Phone Trutap - Chat on MSN, Yahoo!, AIM and ICQ from your Mobile Phone

October 30, 2008

Gaia Online

"Gaia Online, the world's most active online community, today announced the launch of a new instant messaging feature called Gaia Instant Messaging (GIM) powered by AOL’s AIM service, the most popular instant messaging service in the United States.

By integrating AIM functionality within Gaia’s online community, GIM will provide a new interactive experience for Gaia members to connect with each other. With over 7 million active members, Gaia continuously looks for new and innovative ways like GIM to drive further engagement within the community. Gaia recently released the new feature and visitors are already sending over 2 million instant messages each day via GIM..."
Continue reading : Gaia Online Launches New Instant Messaging Feature Powered by AOL’s AIM Service

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October 28, 2008

Gippos Gippos is a geotagging Chat client for Windows Mobile. With the help of the GPS chip in your device Gippos can tell you where your friends are.

If your device is connected to the Internet, the application will automatically connect to the server. Now you can see your location on a map and share this information with your friends. You can also see on a map your contact list users who didn't hide their locations and send messages to them.

Gippos is currently available for Windows mobile only but iPhone version will be released soon.

Gippos Screenshots :

Gippos - Geotagging Chat client for Windows Mobile Gippos - Geotagging Chat client for Windows Mobile

October 27, 2008

Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista is No Longer SupportedAs of 26.10.2008, Yahoo! Messenger for Vista will no longer be available for download from the Yahoo! Messenger website.

Y!M team has discontinued stand-alone releases of the Yahoo! Messenger for Vista application in order to focus on delivering one consistent, full-featured product for all of Windows users.

If you’re using Yahoo! Messenger for Vista, you can continue to use it however Yahoo! will not add any more features or provide product support.

You can download and install the latest version of Yahoo! Messenger 9.0, which also works on Windows Vista.

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October 25, 2008

GamepeGamepe application is designed to be an in-game MP3 Player and Chat Client (WLM, Google Talk, IRC, Miranda, AIM, etc...). With Gamepe you can chat with your IM Buddies during gameplay without having to minimize (Alt+Tab) the game window.

Gamepe Features :

· Easy to use
· Same mIRC commands
· No lag
· Send & receive message from/to Microsoft MSN

Download Gamepe

Gamepe Screenshots :

Gamepe Gamepe

October 24, 2008

Gmail Team Added More Emoticons to Mail and Gmail Chat

Gmail users now can add emoticons to their emails. For those of you who love chat smileys, Gmail team also added a whole new set to Gmail Chat.

Gmail Team Added More Emoticons to Mail and Gmail Chat

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October 23, 2008

[This is a guest post written by Claudiu, the developer of imvisible.info]

The ways of getting information out of Yahoos huge servers requires more than simple programming. It takes up a lot of time to figure out, how the packages are being sent to Yahoo and how to interpret them in order to find out if a Yahoo Messenger user is online and shows invisible, or is really offline.

www.imvisible.info has the most promising technology to find out if a Yahoo Messenger user is online, offline or invisible.

The site meets all standards in status detection and offers a wide variety of tools and functions for its users. You don't event have to register or pay for any of their services! The site is completely free to use and its use is as easy as it can get. When you look at www.imvisible.info the only important thing you have to be aware of is the search field where you just have to type in the yahoo messenger ID you would like to scan. The Yahoo Messenger Invisible Scanner solves the puzzle and gets back to you in no time with a reliable and certain result. This way you can find out if your Buddy is really ofline or just hiding, using the Yahoo Messenger invisible function.

October 22, 2008

WinConvers is a chat tool operating using internet TCP/IP protocols on amateur packet radio and the internet. Packet radio is a form of wireless datacommunications enjoyed by licenced radio amateurs.

WinConvers Features :

· Multiple connections at the same time, even at the same server (if the remote server allows multiple connections).
· "Memorised connections" - use the Connections tab in the Options dialog to store details of your most used connections (host, port and channel). You can then sign on with one mouse operation.
· OLE drag and drop. You can drag text with the mouse from other drag-and-drop capable windows (such as the WinConvers receive box, Microsoft Word, and many others) into the send-buffer box. Don't forget to click inside the send-buffer box after dragging and before pressing enter, so that the box has "focus". Conventional cut-n-paste is also available, just right-click on the mouse.
· Colour schemes.
· Fully configurable.

Download Wincovers from Softpedia

WinConvers Screenshot :

October 21, 2008

You can access the popular web-based IM Meebo with your iPhone. All you have to do is pointing your iPhone or iTouch browser to www.meebo.com. No downloads are required. After that, you will be normally connected to your WLM, AIM, Yahoo, Gtalk buddies and chat history.

October 20, 2008

PamBot is a Skype plugin that lets you query internet sources directly from Skype chat. Currently PamBot supports Wikipedia, BBC News and a random quote site.

Simply add Skype user "pam_bot" to your contact list and type "Pambot help" to ask PamBot Online for advice.

PamBot Features :

# PamBot can explain things (Wikipedia)
# PamBot fetches the latest news (BBC News)
# PamBot tells you a quick fortune cookie
# PamBot allows you to search Ebay (up to item detail level)
# More services to come (Restaurants, Hotspots, Phone numbers, etc.)

PamBot Screenshots :

PamBot for Skype PamBot for Skype

October 17, 2008

YMSG Auto Response is an utility for Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 that works like an answering machine.

YMSG Auto Response automatically responds to incoming messages through Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 with a message you input, which will send to the people who are trying to talk to you.

YMSG Auto ResponseFeatures :

Buzz Before Sending Response Message
Buzz After Sending Response Message
Just Send Response Message

Download YMSG Auto Response

YMSG Auto Response Screenshots :

YMSG Auto Response YMSG Auto Response

October 16, 2008

MSN Messenger Polygamy 2009

MSN Messenger (WLM) Polygamy 2009 will allow you to run multiple copies of Windows Live Messenger at the same time.

This new release supports all versions of MSN Messenger including versions 7.x, 8.x, 9.x and 14.x ( Windows Live Messenger).

Download MSN Messenger Polygamy 2009 from Softpedia

October 15, 2008

Tbot Tbot is a translation robot providing machine translations to Windows Live Messenger buddies. It's a part of the Windows Live Translator service offering.

Tbot can help translate between English and the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.

If you would like Tbot to translate during your IM conversations, simply add it to your contacts: mtbot@hotmail.com, and invite Tbot whenever you need translation help.

Tbot do not have human translation skills. However, it might be able to just help you understand what your international buddies are saying. You can also help get better translation results by using simple sentence structures and by avoiding typos.

October 14, 2008

Excla.im is a jabber bot that allows you to update your twitter status very simply.

All you need to get started is a jabber account (google talk will work as well) and a twitter account. Log in with your google account to associate the two.

Excla.im was built in two parts. The first was the Google App Engine app to control account information and access. The second is a python jabber bot that uses an API exposed by the GAE app.

October 13, 2008

WIM (WoW Instant Messenger) is a World of Warcraft addon which lets you manage your whispers by making them into a classic instant messenger interface such as AIM, Yahoo and WLM.

With game play in mind, WIM has a large array of options where you can customize how WoW Instant Messenger interacts during different situations, such as while you are in combat or in town talking to friends or selling your crafts.

WIM comes with a built in Spam Blocker which utilizes WIM's plugin interface.

WoW Instant Messenger Features :

-Tabbed or windowed messages
-Fully customizable
-Compatible with many popular addons
-Spam Blocker

Download World of Worldcraft Instant Messenger

WoW Instant Messenger Screenshots:

Download World of Worldcraft Instant Messenger Download World of Worldcraft Instant Messenger

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October 12, 2008

YuuguuYuuguu is a free tool that allows you to share your screen, host online meetings and work in real time on the same documents over the web.

By integrating your Gmail and Google Talk contacts with Yuuguu you can share your screen, chat and work together without your contacts having to change networks or sign up to Yuuguu.

Once you have entered your Gmail or Google Talk account details into Yuuguu, your Gmail and Google Talk contacts will automatically appear in your Yuuguu contacts list. You can share your screen with only one click each. Your contacts will be notified that you want to share your screen by way of a web address and, on clicking this, they will be automatically taken to a browser window containing your screen share.

October 10, 2008

"If you logged on to Windows Live Messenger from any PC and forgot to sign out when you finished browsing, then Live Messenger provides an option of remotely sign out of Messenger. This feature is useful if you signed in to Windows Live Messenger from your friends house or from a browsing center and forgot to sign out. You can see this message when you are signed into Live Messenger from more than one place.

To remotely sign out, click on the button on the top of the Messenger which indicates the number of places signed in..."
Continue reading : How to Remotely Sign Out of Windows Live Messenger 9.0

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October 09, 2008

AIM for Mac Beta 1 Now Available

AOL team announced the Beta 1.5 release of AIM for Mac.

Some of AIM for Mac Features :

AIM Experience: Users can customize their AIM for Mac experience with AIM Expressions - Change your AIM sounds, wallpaper, emoticon set or Buddy Icon.
Favorite AIM Features: AIM File Transfer, Tabbed IM conversations, friendly names, AIM Groups, AIM Blast groups are supported.
Easy Access to Mail: With a single click, you can view your mail in AOL or AIM webmail.
Speed: Download, install and launch AIM for Mac in seconds.

Download AIM for Mac Beta 1.5

October 08, 2008

On Windows Live Messenger 9 you can create your own dynamic display picture by using your webcam :

1. Go into Tools –> Change Display Picture.

2. You’ll see a new option that reads "Webcam Snapshot".

3. Select option and you can record a quick snapshot of your picture in motion.

4. Click "Save" when you're finished recording. The new video snapshot will then become available to choose from among all the other static images already available in WLM.

5. Set the new video as your display picture.

via Windows Live Chronicles

October 07, 2008

"In a previous post about communication tools, WWD reader Melanie made an accurate observation that having an instant messaging client open while you’re working is like having the phone ring constantly. Despite this, IM is useful for instantaneous back-and-forth exchanges with clients.

How can we reconcile its usefulness as a communication tool with the fact that it can be downright annoying?

Using one interface

Having MSN messenger, Yahoo!Messenger, and GTalk open all at the same time can be a bit confusing, or even a complete eyesore (as you can see from the image below). If you don’t like having too many windows open, you’ll benefit from having just one interface for all your IM accounts. Programs such as Trillian, Pidgin, and Miranda accomplish this simply..."
Continue reading : How to Use IM Without Ruining Your Productivity

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October 06, 2008

Gbridge is a free tool that allows you to sync folders, share files, chat and VNC securely and easily. It extends Google's Gtalk service to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that connects your computers and your close friends' computers directly and securely.

Gbridge Features :

DesktopShare(VNC): Access your computer desktop remotely or share your desktop with your friend from anywhere, even behind NAT!

SecureShare: Securely share files among your own computers, so you can remotely access your files, e.g. play mp3 , with ultimate privacy. Securely share files to your designated friend, so the selected friend can instantly view the auto-generated photo thumbnails and slideshow remotely. No web upload/download needed!

AutoSync: Transfer big files and sync folders from/to anywhere has never been easier. Auto schedule, auto resume, incremental and no size limit!

EasyBackup: Setup an auto-recurring local or remote backup of your important directory is as easy as 1-2-3!

Gbridge Screenshots :

October 05, 2008

fring for iPhone Now Available on App Storefring is now available on the App Store. You can now use fring on the original iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPod touch.

All you need to do is download fring on the App Store and you can make free calls with other fringsters or via fring using Skype, Skype-out or any SIP providers you choose.

You will have one searchable contact list with all your instant messaging buddies from Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo! and AIM so you can easily see whose available and where they can be reached before dialing or starting a live chat session.

See fring iPhone user guide (PDF)

October 04, 2008

Yahoo! Messenger PingboxPingbox allows you yo chat privately with visitors on your social network profiles, blog, or website through Yahoo! Messenger. IMs between you and each Pingbox visitor are private. Only you and person you are chatting with can see the IMs, even if there are multiple visitors viewing your web page.

To start using Pingbox visit Pingbox homepage, style your own Pingbox and add the given code to your website.

Pingbox works with all versions of Yahoo! Messenger. With Yahoo! Messenger 9, you'll see a Pingbox group in your Contacts List, under whatever name you gave the Pingbox (you can have more than one Pingbox on more than one site!). The Pingbox group shows you who's on your site. It also enables you to initiate a conversation if you see someone you'd like to chat with.