October 23, 2008

[This is a guest post written by Claudiu, the developer of imvisible.info]

The ways of getting information out of Yahoos huge servers requires more than simple programming. It takes up a lot of time to figure out, how the packages are being sent to Yahoo and how to interpret them in order to find out if a Yahoo Messenger user is online and shows invisible, or is really offline.

www.imvisible.info has the most promising technology to find out if a Yahoo Messenger user is online, offline or invisible.

The site meets all standards in status detection and offers a wide variety of tools and functions for its users. You don't event have to register or pay for any of their services! The site is completely free to use and its use is as easy as it can get. When you look at www.imvisible.info the only important thing you have to be aware of is the search field where you just have to type in the yahoo messenger ID you would like to scan. The Yahoo Messenger Invisible Scanner solves the puzzle and gets back to you in no time with a reliable and certain result. This way you can find out if your Buddy is really ofline or just hiding, using the Yahoo Messenger invisible function.

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