October 22, 2008

WinConvers is a chat tool operating using internet TCP/IP protocols on amateur packet radio and the internet. Packet radio is a form of wireless datacommunications enjoyed by licenced radio amateurs.

WinConvers Features :

· Multiple connections at the same time, even at the same server (if the remote server allows multiple connections).
· "Memorised connections" - use the Connections tab in the Options dialog to store details of your most used connections (host, port and channel). You can then sign on with one mouse operation.
· OLE drag and drop. You can drag text with the mouse from other drag-and-drop capable windows (such as the WinConvers receive box, Microsoft Word, and many others) into the send-buffer box. Don't forget to click inside the send-buffer box after dragging and before pressing enter, so that the box has "focus". Conventional cut-n-paste is also available, just right-click on the mouse.
· Colour schemes.
· Fully configurable.

Download Wincovers from Softpedia

WinConvers Screenshot :

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