October 04, 2008

Yahoo! Messenger PingboxPingbox allows you yo chat privately with visitors on your social network profiles, blog, or website through Yahoo! Messenger. IMs between you and each Pingbox visitor are private. Only you and person you are chatting with can see the IMs, even if there are multiple visitors viewing your web page.

To start using Pingbox visit Pingbox homepage, style your own Pingbox and add the given code to your website.

Pingbox works with all versions of Yahoo! Messenger. With Yahoo! Messenger 9, you'll see a Pingbox group in your Contacts List, under whatever name you gave the Pingbox (you can have more than one Pingbox on more than one site!). The Pingbox group shows you who's on your site. It also enables you to initiate a conversation if you see someone you'd like to chat with.

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