November 20, 2008

Trillian Auto Backup (TAB)Trillian Auto Backup (TAB) allows you to backup your buddies (or optionally most configuration files, it does not backup logs or conversation history, only settings). With TAB you can upload your buddies.xml to a FTP server as well.

TAB is simply a front end launcher for Trillian that does a job then exits, the reason for this is two fold:

* Why keep something in memory when you don't need to (this originally started out as a plugin)
* This avoids any "race" condtions or problems with files being overwritten when Trillian is exited.

Download Trillian Auto Backup / Mirror

Trillian Auto Backup Screenshot :

Trillian Auto Backup (TAB) - Backup Your Trillian Buddies and Configuration Files

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