November 10, 2008

Twitter Sync - Sync Your Yahoo Messenger Status and TwitterTwitter-Sync is a new plug-in from WackyB that lets you keep Twittering away when using Yahoo! Messenger.

Twitter Sync can be used to keep track of your Twitter friends, be notified when new Twitters are received and lets you update both your Yahoo! Messenger status and your Twitter at the same time. Updating your Twitter will update your Yahoo! Messenger status for all your Messenger friends to see.

Twitter Sync Features:

# Keeps your Messenger status and Twitter in synchronization with each other
# Changing your Yahoo! Messenger status updates your Twitter automatically!
# Update your Yahoo! Messenger status from anywhere in the world! Messenger status automatically updates to show your latest Twitter!
# See your friends latest Twitters right in your messenger window...
# Expanded window shows the last 10 Tweets from you and your friends
# Alerts and notifications for new Tweets received
# Twitter-Sync will NOT update your status if you are currently Invisible
# Lots of options to configure Twitter-Sync how you want!

Twitter Sync Screenshots:

Twitter Sync Twitter Sync

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