November 19, 2008

Yoono - Chat on any network within your Firefox BrowserYoono is a firefox plugin that socializes your browser. You can bring all your friends into your browser with Yoono to follow what they are doing, chat with them wherever they are, discover and share any content by a single drag & drop.

Yoono supports MSN, Yahoo!, Gtalk, AIM, Facebook, MySpace, iMeem, Flickr, Twitter and Friendfeed.

Yoono also synchronizes your bookmarks between your different computers.

Yoono Features :

• Gather all of your social networks in one place including Facebook, MySpace, iMeem, Twitter, Flickr, FriendFeed, Youtube,, Seeqpod, Piczo and more coming soon.
• Bring together all of your chat networks including AIM, GTalk, MSN, and Yahoo!
• Universally update you profile status.
• Receive live updates from your friends.
• Search and prioritize friends and their updates.
• Instant message and chat with friends in any network.

• Find relevant articles and discover new sites as you browse the web.
• Meet new friends and Yoono users that are interested in the same topics.
• Save and share specific content with your friends.

• Drag and drop photos and videos from any site including YouTube and share live with friends.
• Upload pictures to Flickr via Yoono.
• Create and save a file around photos and videos and share with friends or post to a blog.

Download Yoono

Yoono Screenshots:

Yoono Screenshots Yoono Screenshots

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