December 01, 2008

iJab is a web-based Jabber instant mesenger client. iJab is completely written in Javascript, and uses Ajax technology, such as gwt and jsJac xmpp library.

iJab provides basic instant messaging. You just have to use a compatible web browser, no need to install anything on your computer. It's comparable to JWChat, but all windows stay inside one web page and you don't need to worry about to many pop-up windows. You could configure iJab with different themes based on CSS design.

iJab Features :

· Instant Messages and 1:1 Chats
· Jabber presence types with support for away messages
· Support for transport/gateways to other IM services like ICQ, AIM, MSN, etc.
· Server side storage of preferences
· Emotions

iJab Screenshot :

iJab - Ajax Web-based Jabber Client

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