December 18, 2008

"If access to Internet instant messaging were granted based upon wit, character and the ability to contribute to the community, there would be many fewer people online but perhaps an experience of better quality. Alas, anybody with an Internet connection and a keyboard can make their presence known, even if unwanted and undesired.

I speak for the people who are fed up with creepy little monkey people who, for reasons unknown, believe themselves interesting enough for a conversation.

Chats among friends, colleagues, and loved ones are another matter. I mean the people who would waste our—yours and mine—most precious commodity, time. I mean the people so deeply unable to connect and relate to real human beings that they suppress all of their desires and urges and let them loose online where they are fruitless. Chat leeches, heed my words, for your reign is over..."
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Posted by LupiaSappho Wolf @ Orato

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