January 14, 2009

Imo.IM Updated Its Interface and Added New Features
There are many all-in-one browser-based IM clients like Ebuddy and Meebo. Imo.IM is a big competitor as well. Imo.im recently rolled out a brand new user interface and a bunch of new features :

Favorite Buddies
Tag and easily reference the buddies you chat with most.

Buddy Icons
View and upload buddy icons directly in imo.

Buddy Search
Quickly search through your online and offline buddies.

Buddy Aliases
Change how a buddy’s display name appears in the contact list

Buddy List Organization
Organize your buddy list by dragging and dropping your buddies into the groups you want.

Improved Blocking and Invisibility
Blocking and invisibility capabilities, as well as the ability to specify whether your want to let non-buddies im you, no matter what client you use.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Access common commands with your keyboard.

Voice Chat
Hold voice chats with any of your buddies, no matter what client they use.

via messenger.es

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