January 16, 2009

Instant Messenger is a simple program IM client. It can be integrated to community websites and private networks.

Instant Messenger includes:

· Client application for Windows that should be downloaded and used by the members of your community.
· Server-side script that should be running on your server and connect client applications located on different computers.

Instant Messenger Features :

· Contact list (organized into groups) & ignore list
· Private chat
· Multi-room public chat
· Smileys (you can replace the default set with your own smileys).
· Skins support. 5 built-in skins are included. Also, you can select from 2000+ skins available at themexp.org or create your own msstyles skin.
· Configurable HTML templates for contact list. You can display your logo and online/offline icons, etc.
· Customized version can be created for additional price. This might include changing the title of the client application to match your site title, changing support URL, and other changes that will make the software look as created exclusively for your website.
· Ad space at the bottom of the contact list is available for additional price.

Instant Messenger Screenshot :

Instant Messenger

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