January 23, 2009

New eBuddy Mobile Beta ScreenshoteBuddy team just released a brand new version of Ebuddy Mobile Messenger. You can download it at http://get.ebuddy.com.

The new beta has the following features :

Most recent chats : Easily find the buddies you chat with the most.On the top of your buddy list you will see a green group labeled Most recent chats. You will always find the last 5 buddies you chatted with here.

Type directly in your chat: Now, you can see in one screen what your buddy is saying and chat directly back
New eBuddy Mobile Beta Screenshot
Improved battery life : On this release the battery usage for Mobile Messenger is minimized. You can now have eBuddy powered on for long time without burning through so much phone battery.

If your phone is not supported for this version, you can always use browser-based version of Ebuddy Mobile. Type http://m.ebuddy.com on your phone's browser to start chatting.

Posted @ eBuddy Blog, via messenger.es

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