January 02, 2009

SykpeSync - Import your Mobile, GMail and Outlook contacts into Skype

If you are a heavy user of Skype for PC to phone calls, you want all your phone numbers that are stored in different sources to be copied into Skype. Manual copying is boring; embedded Skype import does not import phone numbers.

SkypeSync allows you to import phone numbers from your mobile phones, GMail Contacts and Microsoft Outlook into Skype as SkypeOut contacts. You can easily make SkypeOut calls, conferencing and SMS sending with all your contacts from different sources.

You can copy your contacts to Skype as many times as you want to. SkypeSync converts local phone numbers to the international format required by Skype.

SkypeSync provides import of your mobile contacts into Skype over the Internet using an intermediate Synchronization (SyncML) server. You first synchronize your phone contacts with a Synchronization (SyncML) server. Then, SkypeSync copies your contacts from the SyncML server to Skype.

Download SkypeSync

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