January 18, 2009

"I’ve been saying this for almost 4 years now, but alas the topic has come up once again: I hate Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger Network (a.k.a the Microsoft Network, MSN) and so should you! I’m referring to the protocol, not the client. (The client is just as bad, but I can get by with alternative applications.)

To better explain why, I’m going to spare all the geeky talk for later and use analogies to get my point across first:

For the sake of argument, assume that you have a cell phone and you’re subscribed to Carrier A. You then wish to call, or send a message to, a friend who happens to be a subscriber of Carrier B. Naturally, you would expect your messages to get across, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to keep in touch and your provider would be severely restricting you to their network..."
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