February 04, 2009

MSN Photo Virus Remover allows you to remove viruses (including MSN Photo Virus) spreaded through MSN and Windows Live Messenger.

MSN Photo Virus Remover uses a detection system for MSN viruses named ICERAT. ICERAT monitors MSN/Windows Live Messenger and waits for the virus to activate it’s self and try to send the messages to your contacts. When this occurs it terminates the program that is attempting to interact with Messenger and gathers some data. The data is sent to developers so that they can add the detection to their database. The ICERAT database is then downloaded by MSN Photo Virus Remover and the detections used.

MSN Photo Virus Remover currently fixes around 9000 viruses.

MSN Photo Virus Remover Feautes :

# Removes many different strains of common MSN Viruses.
# Restores access to Regedit, Task Manager, Run, Command Prompt, System Restore Configuration Panel and Folder Options.
# Scans External drives such as USB drives and portable harddrives for auto runs which may reinfect the system.
# Has a handy details window to allow you to see what is happening.
# Saves a log file and backup files, in case you have any questions or a false positive is detected.
# Checks for a newer version when you run it.
# Includes a variety of languages.

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