February 23, 2009

IMCrypto is a software that allows you to protect your instant messenger conversations. IMCrypto uses one of the strongest and most reliable encryption algorithms – RSA (used in Google Mail).

IMCrypto supports ICQ 6.0, YahooIM 8.x, YahooIM 9.x. Yahoo Messenger Vista is not supported yet.

IMCrypto Free is a freeware version of IMCrypto. It has all the necessary functions to establish secure conversation, but you can use it to communicate only with one person at a time and you can use it onyl with one IM client you choose during the installation. However you can use IMCrypto Pro with multiple IM clients. IMCrypto Pro's regular price is $29.95/year.

Download IMCrypto

IMCrypto Screenshots:

IMCrypto Screenshot IMCrypto Screenshot

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