March 23, 2009

123 Web Messenger Screenshot123 Web Messenger is a web-based instant messaging client for your own website. It's fully integrated your existing user database and enables one-to-one chat function to your website users. The key feature is the invitation box which pops up from the webpage.

123 Web Messenger Features :

· User initiates one-to-one chat with other user, on the same website.
· The opponent has a choice to accept or decline the invitation in the site messenger.
· The invitation box will pop up from the webpage cause the code was embeded there invisibly.
· One user can start multiple private chat with different users simultaneously.
· Highly compatible: 123 Web Messenger integrates your existing database, so the users don't
· bother to register or login again. All users are automatically logged into the web messenger system by default.
· The "invite chat" button can be embedded to anywhere on your website, totally up to you.
· Pure flash client, the end chat users don't need to install or download anything to use chat.
· Chat client is cross-platform, very user-friendly.
· Stable and reliable, low bandwidth consumption.
· End users can get attention and add more fun to chat using avatars, smiley/emotion facility.
· Sound notification.
· Font style/ Font color.
· Video chat facility, optional.
· End users can chat behind firewall if you run the chat on port 80.

Download 123 Web Messenger

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