April 30, 2009

"Google Talk is the messenger of choice for Gmail users. Although the desktop client hasn’t been improved for a long time, many people use it as their primary instant messenger just because they are loyal Gmail users and many of their friends are. Unlike most other IM clients, Google Talk is also very minimalist and doesn’t intimidate you with ads and the like, so people are just sticking to it.

Here are five tips and tricks that every Google Talk user should know. Make sure you bookmark this page because you never know when they’ll come handy..."
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April 29, 2009

New AIM 6.9 Supports Twitter, Facebook and YouTubeAOL officially released AIM 6.9. This new version is integrated with other social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

You can now get updates from your friends on AIM and other social networks, straight from your Buddy List and Buddy Info.

AIM 6.9 System Requirements:

Windows: 2K or higher, IE 6.0 or higher, 128MB RAM and 512MB for Enhanced IM functionality, Macromedia Flash, Microphone/speaker or headset for Talk functionality, Broadband recommended for Live Video Chat.

Download AIM 6.9

April 28, 2009

MSN-Pecan - Alternative MSN Plugin for Pidginmsn-pecan is an alternative MSN plug-in for the popular multi-procotol instant messenger Pidgin. The project aims to have a much faster development process, low barrier for contributions, and close contact with the user-base.

Compared to Pidgin's official MSN plug-in:

* Faster log-in
* Fewer connection issues
* Fewer crashes
* Experimental direct connection support (fast file transfers)
* Server-side storage for display names (private alias)
* Support for handwritten messages (read-only)
* Support for voice clips (receive-only)
* Support for Plus! sounds (receive-only)
* Option to hide Plus! tags

Other features:

* Support for personal status messages
* Support for offline messaging (read-only)
* Send custom emoticons (Pidgin >= 2.5)

Download MSN-Pecan

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April 27, 2009

BigAnt Messenger - Secure Corporate Instant MessagingBigAnt Messenger is a instant messaging solution for enterprises, both instant messaging server and client included. It supports secure instant messaging, file transfer, voip, video chat, web conferencing and more.

BigAnt Messenger Features :

* Instant messaging, offline message, web conferencing, group broadcast, and more
* Send all sorts of files even folders instantly to your office colleagues
* Multi-level Company Structure Setup
* Internet& LAN Support
* Message Security
* High performance and scalable instant messaging server
* Open collaboration platform, SDK for developers

Download BigAnt Messenger Trial Version

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April 24, 2009

IMHere - Yahoo/MSN Messenger for Mobiles with Google MapsIMHere allows you to chat on MSN and Yahoo Messenger buddies from your mobile phone. It also integrates Google Maps, you can see where you and your buddies are. It supports most important character-sets (Latin, Chinese, Arab, etc) and emoticons.

IMHere Features :

* Add/remove contacts
* Invite contacts
* Emoticons
* Google Maps:
* Snap and send photos during a chat
* Personalize your photos using Snap&Sketch
* Receive photos from other IMHere mobiles
* Send Emails
* Favourite messages
* Supports most characters (us, chinese, arab, greek, etc).

Download IMHere

3UK Offers SIM Card For Free Skype

"The mobile operator 3 is to offer free Skype voice calling and instant messaging to users of its pre-pay SIM cards.

3 and Skype announced the offer on Thursday. The deal will be rolled out in two stages: from 1 May, 3's existing pay-as-you-go users will not need to top up their credit to use Skype; and, from some time this summer, other operators' customers will be able to buy £1.99 3 SIM cards for their unlocked 3G handsets and will get free Skype use with no top-up required..."
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April 23, 2009

"The benefits of IMs are many. With this tool you can chat and communicate with anybody anywhere for free. Some Internet messengers even give you the option to call, if you have a microphone and speaker, or see the person you are calling or chatting with real-time, if you have a web cam.

In order to enjoy the full benefits of instant messengers, you need to know how to use it safely. The Internet is rife with companies and people whose main objective is to scam or bully other people. Below are some handy tips that can help you make your instant messenger experience a happy one:"
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An instant messaging hyperlink is a link that a person can click on that will instantly open the correct chat window with the person’s chat ID already in place.

Here are the chat hyperlinks for some populer instant messaging networks. Just enter your username where it says USERNAME and then copy and paste the whole bold line into your website / forum / chat signature, whatever.

Windows Live Messenger :

(the username in this case being the Hotmail address)

Yahoo Messenger :


Google Talk :

(the username in this case being the Gmail address)

Skype :

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April 22, 2009

Windows Live team made some changes on MSN instant messaging network. Now you can send instant messages from the Windows Live Hotmail. Even if you’re on a public computer where Windows Live Messenger isn’t installed, you can still send IMs to your Messenger contacts.

Sign in to Messenger on the Web in Hotmail
You can also send IMs to your Messenger contacts from the People page (your contact list). Just click the contact’s picture, and you’ll see Send an instant message on the dropdown menu.

 Send an instant message from a contact’s drop-down menu on the People page
In Hotmail, if one of your Messenger contacts sends you e-mail, you’ll see their Messenger availability indicated in green, yellow, or red right by their name. If it’s green, click it and instantly start chatting.

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April 21, 2009

Askgates - Chat with Virtual Bill Gates Askgates is another funny chat bot like iGod. It allows you to chat with Bill Gates online :)

iGod is an an artificially intelligent chat bot. He is the kind of God that you can talk to anytime through the Internet and he answers you back immediately.

iGod is not exactly the most intelligent and up-to-date chat bot around, but it was fun chatting with him and finding out the things that he know and doesn’t know about.

April 20, 2009

"Mac Address Book is an address book for Apple’s Mac OS X. It features various syncing features and integrations into the rest of the OS. Address Book also supports Lightweight Directory Interchange Format (LDIF). LDIF is an ASCII file format used to exchange information and enable synchronization of that information between Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) servers. You can’t export information from Address Book in LDIF format; you can only import it. Address Book can import and export vCards. Yahoo! Address Book is an online contact manager you can use to store all your contact information about individuals and companies. In order to use Yahoo! Address Book, you must be a registered Yahoo! user. If you have an active Yahoo Address Book and wants to share your Yahoo contacts with Mac Address Book follow the steps given below..."
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"It is important to have every edge you can over the competition in today’s highly competitive business environment. Internet technologies have matured and because of this, online shoppers have come to expect more from online sellers. In a fast-paced virtual world where almost everything has become automated, having the ability to wow your customers with sophisticated support features could be the critical selling point that persuades them to choose you over the competition. There are many features that can help you automate support tasks and live chat is one of the most effective..."
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Twip.me - Use Twitter on Yahoo, WLM and GTalkTwip.me allows you receive tweets to your favorite IM client. You will receive all your friends updates and direct messages right in your IM window and you will also be able to send tweets or dms. Twip.me is currently working on Yahoo Messenger, Windows Messenger and Jabber/Gtalk.

Twip.me Features :
* Receive twitter updates via IM
* @Reply, DM and update your twitter status
* Send bulk DM by comma separating the usernames
* Follow or unfollow twitter users over IM

Try Twip.me

Fonwar IM - Mobile IM for Gtalk, AIM, MSN and Yahoo!Fonwar IM is a mobile application created as a supplement to the Fonwar Community Website. Fonwar IM is featured with colourful interface, support many popular network such as MSN, Yahoo!, GTalk and AIM.

Fonwar IM is free. Your cost for installing Fonwar IM is the standard data
tariff for air time it takes to download Fonwar IM.

In order to use Fonwar IM, you will need:

· A Symbian handset.
· Internet GPRS, EDGE, 3G connection on your mobile handset.
· Optional: WiFi connection.

Download Fonwar IM

Google Talk Contact ShortcutsYou can add your Google Talk contacts as shortcuts to the Windows desktop. This makes it possible to quickly reach a bunch of important Google Talk contacts faster and more comfortably. Clicking on the desired shortcut will open a chat window with the associated Friend.

1. Right-click on your desktop.
2. Mouseover New and select Shortcut.3. When prompted to input the location of the item, insert the following:


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April 17, 2009

Element Talk
Element Talk is a simple MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger) client, with experimental support for AIM, Yahoo and Jabber.

Download Element Talk

April 16, 2009

MSN Virus Cleaner - Remove MSN & WLM ThreatsMSN Virus Cleaner allows you to clean and remove MSN threats including worms and viruses from your MSN or Windows Live Messenger.

MSN Virus Cleaner can even remove AIM and Yahoo! Messenger related viruses and worms.

Its recommended that you use an extra antivirus softwar.. MSN Virus Cleaner can not detect threats other than MSN viruses.

MSN Virus Cleaner works with Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download MSN Virus Cleaner

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April 10, 2009

messagepub is a simple API that lets software developers send out messages to their users on many different platforms with a single interface. The channels supported are AIM, Google Chat, Email, SMS, Phone, and Twitter.

messagepub enables your web application to start sending notifcations and messages in minutes. There's no need to set up an email server, an SMS gateway, IM bots, etc...

Each notification can be sent to one or more recipients. It also lets you schedule notifications to be sent in the future.

Try out the demo

April 08, 2009

MAXA Notifier for Skype - Get Notified About Your Contact's State Changes AudiblyMAXA Notifier is a Skype Add-On that notifies you about your individual contact's state changes audibly. So you only need to be in hearing distance of your computer to be informed for example as soon as important contacts become available.

MAXA Notifier supports Wave, Midi and MP3 files and can even read text messages you enter via the text to speech engine.

Additionally, you can specify whether you want to have a message box shown to you.

Notifications can be set for each, individual contact and for different occasions.

Download MAXA Notifier for Skype

April 07, 2009

Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone & iPod TouchYahoo! Messenger for iPhone & iPod Touch application is now available for download on iTunes App Store.

Top Feautures :

Instant message: Send text messages back and forth with your friends, including emoticons and web links.

Photo sharing: Take a photo on your iPhone and send that, or grab one from your photo gallery to share.

Stealth settings: Sign in as invisible, or change your status to invisible once you’re in the app.

Custom status message: Enter a custom status message for your friends to see. You can even include a web link with it.

Recent conversations archive: Under Messages, tap a contact and you’ll see your most recent conversation. You can type in a message from there to start chatting again.

Special idle state: If you have to leave the app for whatever reason, like a call comes in or you click a link in an IM that takes you to Safari, the Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone app will keep you signed in but change your status to idle. That way you can continue to receive messages and provided you return to the app within ten minutes, pick up where you left off.

Additional settings: Tap the Settings icon to change the sort order of your contact list, or to show or hide offline contacts in your list.

Download Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone & iPod Touch

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April 06, 2009

Agile Messenger Now Available for iPhone and iPod TouchAgile Messenger is rich and user friendly all-in-one instant messaging client for WLM, AIM, Yahoo!, ICQ and Google Talk for your mobile phone.

It allows you to send instant text and picture messages to anyone on your contact list directly from your iPhone.

Agile Messenger sends all messages through your data-plan, there is no per message charge.

Agilemobile.com announced the release and immediate availability of Agile Messenger for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. It is available for immediate download from Apple's iTunes App Store.

Download Agile Messenger for iPhone and iPod Touch from Apple's iTunes App Store

Omegle - Chat with Strangers AnonymouslyOmegle allows you chat with strangers and make new friends. It picks another user at random and let you have a one-on-one chat with each other.

Chats are completely anonymous, although there is nothing to stop you from revealing personal details if you would like.

Visit Omegle and hit the “Start a chat” button, and a stranger will join you. You don’t need to sign-up, register or download any software.

In an in­ter­nal mes­sage to de­vel­op­ers, the Win­dows Live team has an­nounced the long-​await­ed in­te­gra­tion of sev­er­al in­stant mes­sag­ing net­works to work to­geth­er with Windows Live Messenger. Among these net­works to be added are ICQ and Skype as well as AIM, Face­book Chat and Google Talk :

"We are cur­rent­ly aim­ing to achieve full in­te­gra­tive sup­port for wide­ly pop­u­lar in­stant mes­sag­ing net­works. There­fore, we have start­ed dis­cus­sions with the back-​end and front-​end De­vel­op­er Teams of AOL LLC, Skype Ltd and Google Inc. Fur­ther­more, we have in­ten­si­fied our co­op­er­a­tion with Face­book Inc. for a sim­i­lar pur­pose,” says Dharmesh Mehta, Win­dows Live Mes­sen­ger Prod­uct Man­ag­er."

Continue reading : New IM net­works for Win­dows Live

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Transformers 2 - Optimus Prime Skin for WLM 2009
Transformers 2 - Optimus Prime skin allows you to transform your messenger into a design that pays tribute to the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime. The skin comes with a series of settings which allow users to customize their Messenger experience. You need to have Messenger Plus! Live plugin installed on your computer. This skin works with Messenger versions 2009 (9.0) only.

Transformers 2 - Optimus Prime Skin

April 03, 2009

Miranda IM is multiprotocol insant messagin client. It supports Miranda-Twitter is a protocol plugin for Miranda IM v 0.8+. It allows users of Miranda IM to connect to their Twitter accounts.

Miranda-Twitter Features :

* Synchronizing friends list with Twitter (inc. add/removal via Miranda)
* Viewing current/past Tweets for friends
* Viewing current/past direct messages
* Sending Tweets/direct messages
* @replying to friends
* Combined feed for all friends (via group chat)
* Popups for Tweets/direct messages
* Updater support
* Avatars
* Limited support for Laconica servers (e.g. identi.ca)

This plugin is currently very early in development, and should only be used by experienced users.

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Zoho is a suite of online applications that you sign up for and access from Zoho Website. It includes tools for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, note-taking, wikis, CRM, project management, invoicing and other applications.

One of the applications, Zoho Chat, enables conversation between Zoho users. It integrates many Zoho Applications under the hood. The new Zoho Chat 2.0 now supports AIM, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN (Windows Live Messenger), Google Talk and Jabber in addition to Zoho network. You have options to save your login credentials of other networks within Zoho Chat and automatically login to multiple networks when you login to Zoho.

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April 01, 2009

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