April 28, 2009

MSN-Pecan - Alternative MSN Plugin for Pidginmsn-pecan is an alternative MSN plug-in for the popular multi-procotol instant messenger Pidgin. The project aims to have a much faster development process, low barrier for contributions, and close contact with the user-base.

Compared to Pidgin's official MSN plug-in:

* Faster log-in
* Fewer connection issues
* Fewer crashes
* Experimental direct connection support (fast file transfers)
* Server-side storage for display names (private alias)
* Support for handwritten messages (read-only)
* Support for voice clips (receive-only)
* Support for Plus! sounds (receive-only)
* Option to hide Plus! tags

Other features:

* Support for personal status messages
* Support for offline messaging (read-only)
* Send custom emoticons (Pidgin >= 2.5)

Download MSN-Pecan

via messenger.es

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