May 15, 2009

Download MessengerDiscovery Version 2 Final VersionMessengerDiscovery is one of the popular Windows Live Messenger addons. The new MessengerDiscovery 2 has been completely re-written using Microsoft .Net technology with a brand new design and a variety of customization options and enhancements.

Plugin support is one of the most important upgrades so now anyone can write a plugin for Windows Live Messenger.

MessengerDiscovery 2 is now translated into 20 different languages and can be translated into any other.

MessengerDiscovery 2 Features :

* Run multiple copies of Messenger at once
* Record Video from your webcam chats and save them to your computer.
* Chat Enhancements including chat only nick name and Imitate
* See if your contacts have deleted you
* Steal your contacts display pictures
* Send nudges as fast as you wish and stop the window from shaking
* Contact event logging
* Use Google search instead of Live search

Download MessengerDiscovery 2 Final Version

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