June 08, 2009

Skype Call Button - Use Skype with Windows Live Call Button on Microsoft Handsets and Webcams

"Like a lot of people reading this, I’ve invested in various Microsoft headsets and webcams (some pretty good, some disappointing) but one thing in common with all of them is that they have a Windows Live Call button.

Out of the box and the software installed, pressing the button with bring up Windows Live Messenger’s contact list so you can start a call with your contacts. Which is great for some people, but for me, the vast majority of my calls are made and received on Skype nowadays and the button has remained unused.

I created Skype Call Button. Skype Call Button remaps the Windows Live Call button to operate with Skype or any other application you choose. Additionally, when you receive a call in Skype, you can answer the call by just pressing the button..."

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Posted by Jonathan Kay @ MessengerGeek

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