July 29, 2009

Yahoo Messenger Module Now Available on the New Yahoo HomepageYahoo!’s new homepage gives you more ways to customize the page with your favorite news, sites and services.

This new version allows you to add Yahoo! Messenger module to your homepage and lets you see which friends are online. Plus you can easily IM them right from the page.

Yahoo! Messenger module features :

See all your friends in one place
Instant message or send a SMS text message
Search to find a contact
Collapse/expand groups
Change how your list is sorted
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July 24, 2009

LiveContactsView is a small tools that lets you view the details of all contacts in your Windows Live Messenger.

For each contact, LiveContactsView display the following fields: Email address, nickname, quick name, first name, last name, and more.

You can easily select one or more contacts and then export them into text/xml/html/csv file, or copy them into the clipboard and then paste them into Excel or to other spreadsheet application.


# Any version of Windows Live Messenger. If Windows Live messenger is not installed, you can still use LiveContactsView to view the contacts stored inside contacts.edb file, as long as esent.dll (Server Database Storage Engine) is installed on your system
# You must sign out from your messenger account in order to view your current contacts. If you don't do that, the contacts.edb file is locked by Windows Live Messenger, and thus LiveContactsView won't be able to read it.

Download LiveContactsView

LiveContactsView Screenshot:

July 23, 2009

As part of the celebration of 10 years of Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft has created this video above.

Besides the video, WLM team released a package of new emoticons, winks and pictures for the anniversary.

GG Pro - Multi-protocol Instant Messenger for EnterprisesGG Pro is a feature packed, multi protocol instant messenger (ICQ, MSN, Skype, Gadu-Gadu and Jabber ready) for enterprises. It offers shared contact list and chat history, SSL encrypted communication and chat statistics. It enables fast and intuitive IM contact between all the employees, allows creating secure (encrypted with SSL) private and business chats and conferences using one of many protocols.

GG Pro Features :

# All the instant messaging traffic is monitored and can be managed by administrator # Block external IM protocols
# Works as a SIP/VoiP phon
# Remote desktop feature
# Customizable, manageable and easily accessible through the web administration panel.
# Wide range of plugins and add-ons, such as CRM plugin or spell checker
# Calendar feature with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook sync

Try GG Pro

July 17, 2009

http://theappleblog.com/2009/07/15/10-instant-messaging-apps-for-the-iphone/"When push notification finally made its way to the iPhone, a lot of people were anticipating IMs pushed to their iPhone. At first, I scoffed at this idea. I’d always figured IMs were based around the “instant” part of the phrase, and someone pushing an IM to me might be disappointed if I don’t get back to them right away. Well, guess who’s been a big iPhone IM-er since 3.0 came out? Go on, you’ll never guess. Yep, it’s me. I’d like my crow with a side of au jus, and a loaded baked potato, please.
That said, while there are 10 apps we tested out, it quickly became clear to me this was a race between Beejive and IM+ Push. The important criteria for me were: the ability to connect to multiple IM protocols (and multiple accounts of the same protocol), the ability to do push notifications, and the app not requiring its own server-side account to operate..."
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July 16, 2009

Gtalk Autoreply - Answering Machine for Google TalkGtalk Autoreply is an application that works as an answering machine for Google Talk, something very useful for those times that we are not at your computer but you prefer to leave Gtalk open. It allows you to set an auto reply for Google Talk.

Gtalk Autoreply has a simple interface, yo only need to enter your username and password for Gmail, and customize the automatic reply message. When Gtalk Autoreply is activated, it will send that message to contacts who try to chat with you.

Autoreply Gtalk is open source, and note that it is not integrated as a plugin for Google Talk, but it runs as an individual application.

Download Gtalk Autoreply

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July 14, 2009

C.A.M.S. Works Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder  ScreenshotYahoo Messenger Archive Decoder allows you to view conversation log offline, stored in the archive created by Yahoo Messenger. This free program has only basic features compared with shareware software Yahoo Message Archive Decoder 2.5 from ikitek, but serves the main purpose, and best of all....it's free!

Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder Features:

- Decodes the conversation archives (*.DAT) offline.
- Automatically choose the User Name and Remote User Name from the directory path of the file, from the filename or from the system registry.
- See conversation with or without date, time and user name.
- Export conversations to Rich Text Format (*.RTF) or Plain Text (*.TXT) files.
- New directory browser tree for easy finding files.
- Convert all conversation files from current directory at once with Save All option.
- Enable or Disable conversation logging offline for one or all users of the current system.
- Save current configuration on exit.

Download Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder (Softpedia link)

Yahoo Messenger Archive Enabler ScreenshotYahoo Messenger Archive Enabler is a small tool that allows users to enable or disable the Archive function in Yahoo! Messenger for a specified user or all users in a computer in an offline way.

Yahoo Messenger Archive Enabler Features :

· Shows a list of all the users that use Yahoo! Messenger in the current computer.
· Disables or enables the Archive function for a specific user, or all of them with a single click. No need to be logged in Messenger!

Download Yahoo Messenger Archive Enabler (Softpedia link)

Yahoo Messenger Archive Converter ScreenshotYahoo Messenger Archive Converter allows you to convert archive files from one user to another. This is, an archive file from user A will be converted to user B, so it will be recognized and correctly decoded with messenger archive review function.

Yahoo Messenger Archive Converter Features :

- Decodes archive file from one user, and encodes it with a new user name.
- Automatically renames file with new user name. Optionally you can keep original filename by checking the corresponding box.
- Multiple files can be selected and converted at the same time!
- Current archive user name can be extracted automatically from filename, specially useful when converting files from different users.
- Users can be swapped, so receiver will become sender in the new archive and viceversa.

Download Yahoo Messenger Archive Converter (Softpedia link)

Run Multiple Instances Windows Live Messenger 2009 - MultiliveMultiLive is a tool to enable polygamy in Windows Live Messenger 2009. Polygamy allows you to open several sessions of WLM at the same time.

MultiLive is very simple and easy tu use. Simply click a button and you can run multiple instances of Windows Live Messenger. There is no more additional features and this tool's size is only 32kb and requires no installation, just run it and nothing else.

MultiLive is tested on Windows Live Messenger 2009 Build: 14.0.8050.1202 and Build: 14.0.8064.0206.

Download MultiLive

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Ebuddy Mobile
Chatting through Playstation 3 is possible via eBuddy Mobile, which will show your full contact list screen divided more pages and a chat window.

Connect to the internet and access to the browser, press the button green triangle button, select File option and enter the url address (http://m.ebuddy.com/) via the keypad that appear on the screen, after which you can select your IM network to start chatting. Ebuddy Mobile supports MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Gtalk, MySpace IM, ICQ and Facebook chat.

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July 10, 2009

eBuddy for iPhone Now Available for DownloadEbuddy team in 2008 has released a browser-based version of their multi-protocol IM client for iPhone. A downloadable version of eBuddy is now available for iPhone.

eBuddy for iPhone comes with push notification feature. You can enable sounds or vibration to notify you about new messages, even when you exit the app. (Push notifications are only available if you have Software Version 3.0 on your iPhone or iPod Touch)

eBuddy will automatically reconnect you if your Edge, 3G or Wifi connection is lost. Once you reconnect, you will get the offline messages that were sent to you when you were not online.

eBuddy for iPhone supports MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk and Facebook networks. You can choose which IM account you want to sign in automatically or sign in with all accounts at once.

Get eBuddy for iPhone in the App Store

July 09, 2009

How  to Send Free SMS Text Messages in Yahoo! Messenger"This is one of those features that I tell people is in Yahoo! Messenger and they inevitably say, “Really?”. Yes, really! Rather than using your mobile phone to send SMS text messages, you can send them for free from Yahoo! Messenger.

When you send an SMS message from Yahoo! Messenger, replies from your friends come back to you in Messenger, making it a quick and convenient way to chat with your friends when they’re not online. This feature is available in all of our versions – 9.0 for Windows, Messenger for Mac, Yahoo! Messenger for the Web, iPhone and even in the chat features in Yahoo! Mail..."
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July 08, 2009

Download Yahoo Messenger 10 ( Pre-Alpha VersionHere is the pre-alpha Yahoo Messenger 10. Yahoo Messenger Pre-Alpha is leaked version and actually released for internal testing. It's clean from Viruses & Trojans.

Not many new features can be found in this Pre-alpha version of Yahoo Messenger 10 but there are few major changes which you can easily spot after installing, check out below tentative list.

Features & Changes in Yahoo Messenger 10 :

1. Multilanguage Support
2. Changes in Main window, Contact & Y! Update Tab
3. Manage Updates I Broadcast option
4. Access to My Pingbox

Download Yahoo Messenger (Rapidshare)

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July 07, 2009

Skype 3.0 for Windows Mobile Full Version Now AvailableSeveral months after it was released as a Beta, Skype 3.0 for Windows Mobile has now reached the final version. It's now available for download, coming with two important new features.

The first one is the ability to send and receive files (of up to at least 50MB). The second new feature is the support for SMS: you can now send text messages anywhere in the world.

Supporting Windows Mobile Professional and Standard versions 5, 6 and 6.1, Skype 3.0 for Windows Mobile also offers free Skype-to-Skype calls and free instant messaging.

Download Skype 3.0 for Windows Mobile

July 06, 2009

Skype Sidetone - Add the sound of your own voice to your headsetEver use a headset with Skype, and were frustrated that it was too quiet? Skype Sidetone fixes that. The problem is inadequate side tones -- there is not enough feedback from the microphone into your headset to allow you to modulate your voice appropriately.

The Skype Sidetone application was designed to be a small tool that adds the sound of your own voice to your headset, so you don't exhaust yourself shouting to be heard.

Download Skype Sidetone from Softpedia

Blabber for Skype - Animated Talking Avatar SystemBlabber for Skype is a plug-in for Skype that animates your photo-realistic, Big Stage 3 D avatar (called an @ctor) and automatically lip synchs spoken words as part of real-time virtual character conversation.

Users can accessorize their @ctor with hair, glasses and cool backgrounds, as well as conveying moods through a dashboard of animated gestures and expressions.

How do you get a Big Stage @ctor? Go to http://www.bigstage.com and follow the directions to create an account, install the Big Stage player and upload photos to create your Big Stage @ctor. You can then use your @ctor with Blabber by running the app and entering your Big Stage email address and password, and clicking Load as Me.

Download Blabber v0.9

Data Doctor Live Chat ScreenshotData Doctor Live Chat allows your web site visitors to chat with your company representative and have their questions answered instantly by clicking on a live chat button embedded on your web site.

Live chat utility provides online chat support for one or multiple customers and visitors simultaneously in real time. It also provides option to send offline messages when the web operator is not online or is unavailable on chat window.

Data Doctor Live Chat Features:

* Provide live help support and proactive sales for your website visitors in real time.
* Live chat software easily integrates with your existing website.
* Help increasing customer satisfaction by answering their queries in real time.
* Cost effective utility saves user time and money to interact with customers.
* Simple and easy to configure at machine.

Download Free Trial : EXE / ZIP

Trillian Astra for Web Now Open to Public Beta TestingCerulean Studios have opened up their web-based version of Trillian Astra for beta testing. Unlike Trillian Astra desktop client for Windows, this browser-based version will also work on other operating systems like Linux and MacOSX.

This new beta is open to anyone with a free Trillian Astra account. Simply go to the Trillian web site at http://www.trillian.im/, and sign in by entering your Astra Username and Password on the homepage. Your contact list is fully synchronized and preserved, including groups, meta contacts, custom renames, etc. At your option, you can enable single sign-on and automatically sign in to all the IM services like AOL Instant Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk and more.

Trillian Astra for Web Features :

* Single sign-on capable
* Messaging across Astra, WLM, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, MySpaceIM, Jabber, Google Talk
* Typing notifications
* Smooth vector-based emoticons
* Buzz support
* Set status message
* Offline contacts folder
* Update browser tabs/taskbar with message alerts
* Profile integration
* Color themes
* Email notifications
* Suspend / resume sessions
* MetaContacts and groups
* Set and view user avatars
* Change displayname
* Mutable sounds
* Add and remove contacts
* Contact authorizations
* Generic “system tray” notification framework
* Basic mail alerts; click alert to open web mail in browser
* Basic keyboard controls

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July 03, 2009

BabelWith.me is a free group chat tool that lets you communicate in one language or multiple languages (up to 45). BabelWith.me automatically translates each message as you type in real-time using Google Translation.

BabelWith.me is a web-based tool, so you won't need to install any software to use it. Just start a conversation, you'll get a special URL address for your chat that you can share with friends using our Twitter, Facebook, and email integration.

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July 02, 2009

50 Ways to Use Skype in the ClassroomSkype is a free and easy way for teachers to open up their classroom and their students to a world way beyond their campus. With Skype, students can learn from other students, connect with other cultures, and expand their knowledge in amazing ways. Teachers and parents can also benefit from Skype in the classroom. Read below to learn how you can take advantage of the power of Skype in your classroom.

Promoting Education
These great ideas are all about teaching students in dynamic ways.
1. See Me, Hear Me: Skype in the Classroom. Read how these students had the opportunity to chat with an author of the book they studied via Skype...
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July 01, 2009

fbquick - Quick and Easy Facebook Notifier for your Desktopfbquick is an desktop application that allows you to receive instant profile notifications on your desktop and helps you to monitor your Facebook profile without a web browser.

fbquick will show a pop-up notification;

- when you get poke
- when you get a new facebook message
- when someone writes on your wall
- whenyou get invited to new social groups
- when you get invited to your next event
- each time you get a new friend request
- when your friend puts that picture on facebook, and then tags
- next time one of your friends shares something on facebook

Download fbquick

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How to Solve WLM Launcing Problem on Vista SP2

"As I originally posted on patndoris.com back on June 1st, there is the distinct possibility Vista users who install Service Pack 2 will experience a problem with Windows Live Messenger (WLM) no longer launching. Since Service Pack 2 is set to start rolling out via automatic updates on June 30th, I thought it might be a good idea to repost this information again.

Problem: After installing SP2 for Vista, there is the possibility WLM will not launch. Clicking on the WLM desktop icon produces no result. No error. No hourglass. No running process in Task Manager. Nothing. Not even an error that the shortcut points to a program that is no longer valid. Nothing..."
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