July 10, 2009

eBuddy for iPhone Now Available for DownloadEbuddy team in 2008 has released a browser-based version of their multi-protocol IM client for iPhone. A downloadable version of eBuddy is now available for iPhone.

eBuddy for iPhone comes with push notification feature. You can enable sounds or vibration to notify you about new messages, even when you exit the app. (Push notifications are only available if you have Software Version 3.0 on your iPhone or iPod Touch)

eBuddy will automatically reconnect you if your Edge, 3G or Wifi connection is lost. Once you reconnect, you will get the offline messages that were sent to you when you were not online.

eBuddy for iPhone supports MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk and Facebook networks. You can choose which IM account you want to sign in automatically or sign in with all accounts at once.

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