October 12, 2009


Joom is a collaborative brainstorming tool, similar to a group chat plus topics.

Joom is very simple to use. You only need to install the joom client, which runs on any computer with a Java Virtual Machine and a gmail account (jabber account). Although you'll need Joom to create the brainstorming session, you are not required to use it to join an existing session - you can just use gtalk's group chat.

Joom Features:

1. Session participants - These users can send (broadcast) messages, see all exchanged messages and invite other participants
2. Contacts list (Roster) - This is the contact list of the current user (similar to the contact list of gtalk). You can invite users to the session by double-clicking their id.
3. Active topic - You can only have, at most, one active topic. This works like a filter over the whole message stream - only those with a certain #hashtag appear in the corresponding topic box. To select an active topic, just expand that box.
4. Inactive topic - Even though you can't see the messages in inactive topics, joom will show you how much conversation you maybe missing through a kind of unread count number.
5. Discussion history - Here goes the whole chat history, regardless of the topic.
6. Message input box - This is where you type your messages to the group. You can append an #hashtag to associate the message with a topic. If you have an active topic, the hashtag is automatically appended.

Download Joom

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