October 15, 2009

Mobile Colloquy Screenshot

Mobile Colloquy is IRC client for the iPhone and iPod touch. It allows you to connect IRC servers and different chat rooms simultaneously.

The application has the same features found in any other IRC client and is compatible with mIRC commands, so it very easy to use for those already familiar with this popular program.

You can buy Colloquy for $1.99 on the iPhone AppStore.

Colloquy Unique Features :

* Convenient nickname and emoticon completion popups.
* Support for all the common IRC commands with completion.
* Organized Colloquies view that shows all your conversations at a glance.
* Highlights messages (and optionally vibrates) when your specific words or nickname is mentioned.
* Highly customizable interface and behavior settings within the Settings application.
* Built-in browser for clicked links and commands for quick Google, Wikipedia and Amazon searches.
* Visual display of user information (WHOIS) for any user.
* Full support for landscape mode in the entire application.
* Stays connected while iPhone is locked and when SMS alerts appear.
* Searchable room member list.

Download Mobile Colloquy from the iPhone AppStore

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