November 02, 2009

Catchup IM - Secure Instant Messenger for OrganisationsCatchup IM is a simple, secure instant messenger application that is designed to help organizations in need of internal communication solution, integration with an existing ERP application to add IM support, IM hosting on the internet for general public.

Catchup IM Features:

· Server
· Easy deployment - The only pre-requisites are a Java runtime and a database engine
· Supports various modes of user account management to adapt with existing legacy systems
· Can be configured to run in normal and secure mode, both at the same time
· Data access layer is based on Hibernate technology to support a wide variety of databases

· Client
· Distributed in the form of an Installer for Windows and Tarred bzipped distribution for Linux and Mac
· Application launcher included for Windows and Mac for a native feel
· Common IM functions like Personal chat, Group chat, Announcement, Smileys and Shock
· Light on usage of system resources.
· Clientside SSL authentication before the actual login, ensures total security.

Download Catchup IM

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