November 17, 2009

Flow Messenger - Instant Messaging App for iPhone / iPod Touch Flow Messenger is an instant messaging applicatio for iPhone and iPod Touch devices that allows quick and easy conversations with your friends.

Flow Messenger makes use of Apple Push Network which allows you to send and receive messages anywhere your device has an internet connection whether it is WIFI or using a data plan. If you do happen to lose internet connectivity, your unread messages are stored offline and can be retrieved once you regain a connection to the internet.

Flow Messenger Features:

* Receive Push notifications informing you of new messages from your contacts.
* Have conversations with multiple contacts at once. Yes this is group chat :)
* Received Message Receipts lets you know if your message has been received by the recipient.
* Contact List Management allows you to add friends and family to a contact list, and gives you control over who may contact you.
* Easy to remember PIN to identify your device.
* Choose your own Username and Status Messages.
* Ad Supported

Download Flow Messenger from App Store

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