December 31, 2009

Background Changer ScreenshotBackground Changer is Messenger Plus Live script that allows you to change the background of your Windows Live Messenger contactlist with an image or photo.

How to use Background Changer:

- Make sure you have Live Messenger and Messenger Plus! Live installed.
- Download the script, open it, accept the warning and press Import.
- Click on the Messenger Plus! logo in your contactlist.
- Click on Background Changer > Change Background.

You must have Messenger Plus! Live installed in order to import this script successfully.

Download Background Changer


December 30, 2009

Instant Messenger Cleaner ScreenshotInstant Messenger Cleaner allows you to clean and remove any Instant Messenger threats including worms and viruses from your MSN or Windows Live Messenger.

Instant Messenger Cleaner can even remove AOL Instant Messenger and Yahoo Messenger related viruses and worms.

To use Instant Messenger Cleaner, launch the application after a complete installation. On the main window of Instant Messenger, click Scan to scan for viruses and any threats found will be automatically erased from your computer.

Note: Instant Messenger Cleaner provides detection of threats that are already active on a client’s computer system. It does not provide you with any ongoing protection and does it replace conventional anti-virus.

Download Instant Messenger Cleaner

December 29, 2009

The Meebo BarMeebo is a in-browser instant messaging service which supports multiple IM services, including Yahoo! Messenger, WLM, AIM, ICQ, MySpaceIM, Facebook Chat and XMPP.

Meebo team recently released a new product called Meebo Bar. The Meebo bar appears at the bottom of your site and it allows your site visitors to sign in to Meebo to chat and drag-and-drop to share photos and videos.

If you host your own website or have a blog on, TypePad, Movable Type, or self-hosted hosted Wordpress blogs, you can use Meebo Bar. Blogs hosted at are not supported at the moment.

Meebo Bar Features :

* Real-time sharing. Your users can easily share your website with their friends through IM, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and email.
* Custom buttons for your bar. Choose from a host of buttons to add to your bar. Right now Meebo Bar have buttons for Facebook Fan pages, Twitter, RSS, Youtube, Flickr, and a bunch more.
* Personal stats dashboard. See statistics about pageviews, sharing from your site, and which of your Meebo Bar buttons are being clicked, all from your own secure site. You can give other users their own personal login to access the dashboard.
* Instant messaging from your site. Your site visitors will be able to chat and share with their IM friends from AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Facebook, and other networks.

Add Meebo Bar to your website

December 28, 2009

Windows Live Messenger Uninstaller ScreenshotWindows Live Messenger Uninstaller allows you to remove a broken Windows Live Messenger installation. It uses only the windows installer (msiexec.exe) to do the job combined with the CLSID of the installation that uniquely identifies the WLM version.

The tool is very simple to use. If it finds an installation it will give you the uninstall command that you can use to manually remove it. You can also press RUN and it will run the command automatically for you.

Download Windows Live Messenger Uninstaller

December 25, 2009

Gtalk Feed Reader

"Google Talk is becoming one of the most popular IMs (maybe that’s only my impression because most of my friends are SEOs and Googlers but I haven’t had the need to start any of my other instant messengers for ages).

So here’s the good news: you can use Gtalk not only for chatting – with the following Google Talk Bots you can have much more fun with your favorite IM!..."
Continue reading : 5 Coolest Gtalk Bots for Internet Marketers

Posted by Ann Smarty @ Search Engine Journal

December 23, 2009

TalkAndWrite for Skype - Interact and Work on Top of Socuments via SkypeTalkAndWrite is a Skype plugin that allows the interaction of up to 10 participants working together on a common document simultaneously.

With TalkAndWritefor Skype people can draw, add texts, erase, highlight and write together on a document while talking on a Skype call. It can be used for education and online collaboration. All participants must have TalkAndWrite installed to join a meeting.

TalkAndWrite utilizes Skype’s platform to run, thus Skype is required to be installed on your computer.

Download TalkAndWrite for Skype

December 22, 2009

Pandion ScreenshotThe Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) is an open standard for real-time communication. XMPP powers a wide range of applications including instant messaging.

Pandion is an open source instant messaging client for XMPP networks. Pandion is compatible with any XMPP server, including Google Talk.

Pandion Features :

· Hundreds of emoticons in many themes
· Tabbed chat windows
· Compatible with any XMPP server, including Google Talk
· Data compression for low bandwidth
· Encryption for secure messaging
· Group chat through conference rooms

Download Pandion

Skype Launcher ScreenshotWith Skype Launcher you are not bound to one Skype account system. Skype Launcher enables you to use all your Skype accounts at the same time, machine, and session. It also supports 64-bit systems.

Skype Launcher supports the following operation systems : Windows Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

File size : 157.43K

Download Skype Launcher (via Cnet)

December 21, 2009

MSN Symbols is a website that gathered a complete list of MSN symbols and characters for your use. You can use these cool characters which you can use to create your own unique MSN name or personal message.

This website has also grouped the symbols by category (what they symbolize) so that you can find what you need without even having to use a character map.

Copy the symbol and paste it in Live/MSN Messenger and continue to create your msn screen name, there’s no need to mess around with ALT codes and tedious character codes.

Go to MSN Symbols

This program changes what you type into a stylish font.

Using Stylish Chat Font Changer you can change the text you are typing into "líkë tHí§ ýõü® të¤t ¢ãñ ßë ¢HãñGëР㧠ýõü týÞë" and you can easily enable and disable this using a hot key or form taskbar icon.

Stylish Chat Font Changer is a freeware and it's compatible with all IM clients and Windows OSs.

Download Stylish Chat Font Changer (by Softpedia)

December 18, 2009

"Sometime back Orkut added complete support for Google-Talk popup chat windows. This is different than earlier Google Talk integration where your Orkut friends gets added to Google Talk chat list automatically.

This recent integration opens all active Google Talk chat windows when you move from one Orkut window to another Orkut window seamlessly. This integration also works while switching between Gmail and Orkut.

I personally find this very annoying as I keep open Gmail all the time and prefer to use Gmail chat version of Google Talk..."
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Posted by Rahul Bansal @ Orkut Diary

December 17, 2009

"I was testing my new iPhone Skype set up in Belize. It wouldn’t connect. I was connected to the internet via a wireless connection. I had Skype installed and it worked back home. But every time I tried to log in, it would simply hang. Nothing.

In Belize, Skype is blocked.

I quickly found out that the entire country of Belize uses a single carrier for internet service, Belize Telecommunications (BTL). And BTL, seemingly in a desire to force people to use their long distance services has blocked Skype (and other VOIP programs)."
Continue reading : What to Do if Skype is Blocked Where You Travel (and Why We Should Care)

Posted by Christine Gilbert @ Travel Insights 100

December 15, 2009

AnybodyOutThere ScreenshotAnybodyOutThere is a new communication platform that offers an instant and relevant response to your thoughts and questions by connecting you with the right people.

Post a question, thought or topic, of up to 110 characters, that best describes what's on your mind then click the "Post" button. AnybodyOutThere analyzes your post and provide you with a list of people who are eager to talk about the same subject. When you find someone on the list that you'd like to talk to, click the "Let's Talk" button next to the user's nickname. A chat request will then be sent to the user. And if s/he accepts, a chat window will open.

AnybodyOutThere is not a social network. You don't need friends to use it nor does its effectiveness rely on you accepting friend requests.

The service allows you to translate a conversation into 43 languages (powered by Google) making it easier to talk with anyone anywhere in the world.

AnybodyOutThere's Instant Messenger (IM) Agent allows you to interact directly with the site from your favorite IM client. Using the IM agent allows you to keep in touch with our site while browsing the web and without actually visiting the site. is an instant messaging service from web to iPhone/iPod Touch and between registered users. allows you to receive free instant messages from anyone, delivered like an sms, even if they don't have an iPhone. You can also use to send free instant messages to your friends with iPhones, without any per message or international charges.

It takes seconds to send a free message to an iPhone or iPod Touch:

* directly from the address book of your iPhone if you have the application
* typing your message at No registration is required for sending and it's free.

Download from App Store

December 14, 2009

WLM Game Status ScreenshotWLM Game Status will set your "personal" message on Live Messenger to games that the plugin detects running (similar to XFire/XBox360 Messenger) so that your buddies can see what you're playing.

Size / OS : 89 KB / Windows 2K / XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008 / 7
Requirements : Windows Live Messenger

Download WLM Game Status

JustChat Screenshot

JustChat is an easy-to-use MSN chatting application which can help you chat safely and securely.

The JustChat window can pretend to be word, excel or any custom application layout. When you are using JustChat to chat with friends, your boss will think you are typing report, and you do not need to worry about boss finding out you are not working.

JustChat can encrypt your instant message to prevent eavesdroppers from reading your chatting contents. It helps you chat with your friends even thought your school/company's firewall blocks MSN message connections.

JustChat Features :

1. Chatting on MSN safe and secure.
2. Easy installation and use.
3. Supporting multi-languages which include Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English.
4. Application layout can be pretended into any application.
5. User Interface can be customized.
6. Chatting content can be encrypted to prevent eavesdroppers from reading instant message.
7. Providing MSN Proxy Server and Client.
8. Providing Boss Key.

Try JustChat for 15 Days
But JustChat for $9.95 USD

Windows Live Messenger 2010 Screenshot

"The Windows Live Team is currently working on Wave 4, that is, the 2010 versions of Windows Live. This includes both web services and Windows Live Essentials. Let’s take a closer look at Windows Live Messenger 2010 Milestone 1, as recently discovered by the technology news site Neowin. We can expect the final result to look somewhat different, but what we’re going to look at gives you an idea what the focus is on in the 2010 version.

First of all, we notice that the window is now wider and separated into two columns. The left column contains social news and activity streams, including the What’s New Feed, while the right-hand section includes your Windows Live Messenger contact list and an advertisement area. This window split can be reverted using the button on the top right edge..."
Continue reading : A First Glimpse at Windows Live Messenger 2010

Posted @ mynetx

December 11, 2009

Skype for Symbian Beta Now AvailableSkype team has launched a limited beta release for Nokia phones with Symbian Series 60.

Skype for Symbian works over Wifi or 3G data connection. It's recommended to have a unlimited data plan when using 3G connection.

Skype for Symbian Features :

* Free Skype-to-Skype calling
* Call phones with Skype credits or subscription
* Receive calls on your Online Number
* Instant Messaging
* Group conversations
* File sending and receiving

Download Skype Beta for Symbian S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1 devices
Supported devices : Nokia E71, Nokia E63, Nokia E66, Nokia N82, Nokia E51, Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia N81, Nokia N81 8GB, Nokia E90

Download Sykpe Beta for Symbian S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2 devices
Supported devices : Nokia N96, Nokia N85, Nokia 5320, Nokia 6210 Navigator, Nokia 6210 Classic, Nokia N78, Nokia N79

December 10, 2009

"Sources close to the Windows Live and Bing divisions at Microsoft have confirmed to Neowin that Microsoft is currently developing both Bing and Windows Live Messenger iPhone applications.

Both applications are likely to be released alongside the upcoming Windows Live Wave 4 updates due in approximately March 2010. Neowin understands that Windows Live is working aggressively to move its applications onto the iPhone. Last week Microsoft principal group program manager David Raissipour confirmed to Cnet news that "We are actively working on it" when questioned over the Bing iPhone plans."
Continue reading : Microsoft planning Bing and Messenger iPhone apps

Posted by Tom Warren @

December 09, 2009

AFKIM ScreenshotAFKIM (Away From the Keyboard Instant Messenger) is a multi-protocol instant messenger application for the PSP. It supports all the major IM protocols, including AIM, ICQ, MSN, Google Talk and Yahoo!

AFKIM also includes a built-in keyboard that is much easier to use than Sony's keyboard.

You can grab the updated version of AFKIM from the download link below, which includes the source code and versions of the software appropriate for firmwares 1.50 and 3x. Check out the readme file before you jump in and install AFKIM for optimum results.

Download AFKIM

December 08, 2009

Fring Now Supports Video Calls on iPhone and iPod TouchFring users with iPhone and iPod Touch can now see all their family and friends on fring and Skype.

Right now iPhone and iPod touch users can receive and make fring and Skype video calls entirely over Internet connection for free and see the person on the other end. When a front camera is placed on these, you'll have two-way video calls.

Download fring for iPhone

via fring blog

December 07, 2009

Download Windows Live Messenger for Java PhonesA free Windows Live Messenger version for Java cell phones has been released. It supports cell phones manufactured by Motorola, LG, Samsung, Nokia, RIM and Sony Ericsson.

For using Windows Live Messenger for Java phones, you need a Windows Live ID, just like with the PC version. With this recently released Java client, you can chat with multiple contacts simultaneously. According to Microsoft, that’s also possible at the same time.

Furthermore, all incoming messages are sent directly to the user’s cell phone. You can manage your contacts as well as information about their profiles or their status.

You can send yourself a SMS containing the download URL for the Java client via the corresponding website. If your device is not supported. Your cell phone will get redirected to the browser version of Windows Live Messenger automatically.

via mynetx

SkypEmo - Create Custom Drawings Using EmoticonsSkypEmo is a small application that allows you to create drawings made with emoticons and save them into custom files ready to paste into a Skype chat to impress your friends.

The program uses all chat emoticons, flags and the images you create. They can be used in Skype and other chat programs that support chat emoticons.

You can save your art and you can store into your clipboard the symbols of the emoticons, to send to friends or use in your blog. Easy interface and simple to use.

Download SkypEmo ~ Softpedia mirror

December 04, 2009

LiveSong ScreenshotLiveSong is a Messenger Plus! Live script which allows you to play any song instantly, using streaming technology powered by and Grooveshark.

With LiveSong, you don’t need the MP3 file locally. You can listen to a song that somebody recommends you without worrying about where to find it.

You must have Messenger Plus! Live installed in order to import this script successfully.

Download LiveSong

By MynetX via

ScreenCam Protector ScreenshotScreencams are programs that allows the user to save the content of his computer desktop as a video clip. ScreenCam Protector is a software which protects you from the danger that one of your chat buddies uses a screencam while video-chatting with you to save the video data as a video clip and uploads this clip on the internet or give it to somebody else.

If your chat buddy start a screencam application on his PC an alarm will be triggered on you PC and vise versa.

The demo version has the same functions like the full version exept that you are protected only during the first 2 minutes of a chat and it scans only for the screencam „Hypercam“. The price for a full licence is 10,- €

Try ScreenCam Protector
Order full version

December 03, 2009

Portable Windows Live Messenger 2009 (Build 14.0.8089.726)This is a portable version of Windows Live Messenger 2009 (Build 14.0.8089.726) which can be run from a USB Key or Memory Stick.

No installation required. No administrator privileges required. Just launch from the single EXE file and your set to go.

All settings and user data such as display pictures and emoticons, are saved in the same location as the single EXE file.

Size : 53.7 MB
MD5 Hash: 22D844F3245B56D7D77552899E9012FD

Download Portable Windows Live Messenger 2009 (Build 14.0.8089.726)

The Task of Choosing A Solar Charger If you are trying to go green and thinking about getting a solar charger for your cell phone, there are probably some questions you would like to have answered.

A photovoltic charger takes the suns light and stores it for your use. When you plug your mobile phone in the electric charge is then trickled into your phone at the proper voltage that your phone can handle.

How much power does mobile cell phone use? Getting a straight answer for this question has turned into a quest. The answer appears to be just a watt or two per day for my son's phone(he doesn't use it that much).

There seems to be more concern over the waste that happens when you leave a charger plugged into the power grid that is not actively charging your phone at the time.

Really, it is not very much but over time it can add up. The real factor to worry about is whether or not you just leave your charger plugged in when you are not using it.

These charger have no switches to turn them off when you unplug them, this means that they are constantly changing that current for a mobile phone that may or may not be connected. That makes it easy to see why the nick name for these devices are electronic vampires.

Unplugging them is a smart way to save a few pennies and lessen your carbon footprint.

How long it takes depends on your solar charger and how dead your cell phone is. If time is an issue, remember that the larger solar panels will charge your cell phone faster.

A 2 watt charger will need about 3 hours to charge your phone completely, whereas, a 18 watt solar panel charger can do the same job in about 30 minutes.

There are many different companies who are now joining the green community by making solar chargers. Going green has become big business.

Deciding which charger is the best is a difficult job. Each person would probably pick a different favorite. There are many website that provide comparisons and reviews.

The best idea is to find a website that has customer reviews or a forum. There you can find people who have used the product you are interested in, and see what they think of it.

The unfortunate side to this story is that the creation of solar powered energy chargers also involves the creation of more pollution. While it is true that any companies are getting on the green wagon, it is a fact that many of those same companies are some of the worst polluters there are.

However, with the press blowing the whistle on most of these companies and the public out cry about this, many are having to clean up their act. Do a little research before you buy and support only those companies who are really showing an effort to be responsible.

About the Author

Valery Bowen writes for a non commercial blog focused on his energy efficient story to help people understand how and why they should save energy starting from small devices. She writes on Solar Cell Phones Chargers to help people learn how to start save energy from the scratch and then apply those experience to the next level.

December 02, 2009

Microsoft Launches MSN Juku on MSN ChinaMicrosoft has launched a Twitter like service, called MSN Juku. MSN Juku, which is launched in China, is powered by Windows Live Messenger and borrows the popular and the highly liked social networking features from Microsoft’s chatting software.

MSN Juku and is now in beta, lets users post 140-character messages to an update screen that slowly scrolls old messages to the right. The service automatically links users with people on their Live Messenger contact lists, whose updates also appear on the scrolling timeline.

via Geekword

December 01, 2009

Video : Skype for Nokia N900

December 01, 2009

The Skype client comes free and already installed on the Nokia N900, so you can make free Skype-to-Skype calls wherever you are. On this video Skype product manager in charge of working with the Nokia N900, talks us through setting it up and using the service :

Skype Translate - Instant Translation for Skype Text ChatSkype Translate is tool that allows you to translate language real time during a text chat on Skype. You can change to and from language for any Skype text chat session.

This tools sits on the system tray, right click to open settings box. There you can select languages for 2 users doing text chat on Skype. After the language is selected, you can type in your own language and text will be shown in language selected for the recipient.

Skype Translate automatically detects your friends' language based on their profile settings.

Download Skype Translate