December 03, 2009

The Task of Choosing A Solar Charger If you are trying to go green and thinking about getting a solar charger for your cell phone, there are probably some questions you would like to have answered.

A photovoltic charger takes the suns light and stores it for your use. When you plug your mobile phone in the electric charge is then trickled into your phone at the proper voltage that your phone can handle.

How much power does mobile cell phone use? Getting a straight answer for this question has turned into a quest. The answer appears to be just a watt or two per day for my son's phone(he doesn't use it that much).

There seems to be more concern over the waste that happens when you leave a charger plugged into the power grid that is not actively charging your phone at the time.

Really, it is not very much but over time it can add up. The real factor to worry about is whether or not you just leave your charger plugged in when you are not using it.

These charger have no switches to turn them off when you unplug them, this means that they are constantly changing that current for a mobile phone that may or may not be connected. That makes it easy to see why the nick name for these devices are electronic vampires.

Unplugging them is a smart way to save a few pennies and lessen your carbon footprint.

How long it takes depends on your solar charger and how dead your cell phone is. If time is an issue, remember that the larger solar panels will charge your cell phone faster.

A 2 watt charger will need about 3 hours to charge your phone completely, whereas, a 18 watt solar panel charger can do the same job in about 30 minutes.

There are many different companies who are now joining the green community by making solar chargers. Going green has become big business.

Deciding which charger is the best is a difficult job. Each person would probably pick a different favorite. There are many website that provide comparisons and reviews.

The best idea is to find a website that has customer reviews or a forum. There you can find people who have used the product you are interested in, and see what they think of it.

The unfortunate side to this story is that the creation of solar powered energy chargers also involves the creation of more pollution. While it is true that any companies are getting on the green wagon, it is a fact that many of those same companies are some of the worst polluters there are.

However, with the press blowing the whistle on most of these companies and the public out cry about this, many are having to clean up their act. Do a little research before you buy and support only those companies who are really showing an effort to be responsible.

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Valery Bowen writes for a non commercial blog focused on his energy efficient story to help people understand how and why they should save energy starting from small devices. She writes on Solar Cell Phones Chargers to help people learn how to start save energy from the scratch and then apply those experience to the next level.

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