January 29, 2010

WLM team recently released unique Windows Live Messenger gift packs, created by some talented artists from around the world. Each pack comes with display pics, emoticons, and a wink :

Moody BobMoody Bob by Holbrooks
Meet Moody Bob, a very distinct, very moody guy. Let him show your friends how you’re feeling.
Download Moody Bob

Emotipuff by Nanospore
In the Emotipuff gift pack, you can say hello (and more) with a cute, friendly, puffy little creature.
Download Emotipuff

Carnival SquadCarnival Squad by Nathan Jurevicius
The Carnival Squad is a group of very unique characters to pass on to your Messenger friends.
Download Carnival Squad

Bunny Ha HaBunny Ha Ha by PUNGA
Bunny Ha Ha brings a quirky edge and a lot of cute to sharing your day.
Download Bunny Ha Ha

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January 28, 2010

Easy MSN ScreenshotEasy MSN is a Windows Live Messenger client for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

EasyMSN has a cost of 2.99 € and weighs 0.8 MB.

Easy MSN Features:

Emoticon support;
Create your group and organize your contacts;
Sign in with different ID;
Avatar support;
Add a personal message for your contacts to see;
Add/Delete contacts;
group chat support;
Support audio reminder message;
Elegant UI design.

Download EasyMSN from the iPhone App Store

January 27, 2010

Top 5 Facebook Chat Clients

January 27, 2010

Chit Chat For Facebook

"Which are the best Facebook chat instant messengers? Since its launch in April 2008, Facebook Chat is rapidly gaining market share in the Instant Messaging market – most notably Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. Indeed, back in June 2009 Facebook announced that they were sending over 1 billion instant messages a day.

Without a doubt, most of my friends have shifted their instant messaging usage from using just Windows Live Messenger to Facebook Chat. Unlike traditional desktop instant messengers, however, Facebook Chat is restrictive to its use in your web-browser, and lacks a lot of features that I’ve grown used to in other Instant Messengers – features such as “Chat History” and Sign in notifications. Thankfully, there are some excellent third party instant messengers for Facebook Chat:"
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January 26, 2010

Feeler ScreenshotFeeler is very simple multi-platform Yahoo Messenger client with the ability to detect the invisible buddies in your list. The application is composed from an YMSG engine written from scratch in c++ and a QT based interface.

Feeler Features:

· Login
· Logout
· View status
· Show invisible buddies(TODO)
· Set status(TODO)
· Send Notify(TYPING)
· Receive Notify(TYPING)
· Send message
· Receive message

Download Feeler

January 25, 2010

Pidgin IM

"Setting the status invisible for a GTalk account has been a problem for a while now. Although there are third party plugins available, most of them do not seem to work. The basic reason of this is, although Google Talk is basically based on XMPP , it handles invisibility, away etc in a different way. And according to this ticket on the pidgin bug track, they don’t quite like it :P . After going through a bit of documentation mentioned here, I came up with the following xmpp console commands to make invisibilty work without a problem in pidgin for google talk..."
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January 22, 2010

Plus! Profiles ScreenshotPlus! Profiles is a Messenger Plus! Live script that allows you to create multiple "profiles", which store a name, PSM, DP, status, AutoMessage and font colour.

When enabled, the specified credentials are set, and other features are enabled if set to. There is no limit to the number of profiles you can have. The floater is a transparent, topmost window that allows quick access to profiles. Its state (enabled or disabled) is remembered between sessions.

You must have Messenger Plus! Live installed in order to import this script successfully.

Download Plus! Profiles

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January 21, 2010

Internet Evidence Finder ScreenshotInternet Evidence Finder searches the selected drive, folder (and sub-folders, optionally), or file (memory dumps, pagefile.sys, hiberfil.sys, etc) for Internet artifacts.

It can currently find Facebook live chat messages and page fragments, MSN/Windows Live Messenger chat, Yahoo! chat, Yahoo! Webmail chat, GoogleTalk chat, Gmail email, Limewire ver 5.3.6 Search History, Limewire.props files, IE8 InPrivate/Recovery URLs, Yahoo! Messenger Group Chat, Yahoo! Webmail email, Hotmail Webmail email, AOL Instant Messenger chat logs, Messenger Plus! chat logs, MySpace chat, Bebo chat, and non-encrypted Yahoo! Messenger chat.

Depending on the items selected, IEF creates a report containing the search results or creates individual files containing the data found.

Without a purchased registration key, IEF will run in “demo mode” with only up to 10 items per selected search being saved to file(s).

A demo version of Internet Evidence Finder can be downloaded from JADsoftware.com but only up to 10 items per selected search being saved to file(s) in “demo mode”. Internet Evidence Finder is commercial software and a license needs to be purchased to “unlock” the demo version of Fchat for full functionality.

Try Internet Evidence Finder Trial Version

Fchat Screenshot Fchat is a tool that searches a computer hard drive for Facebook chat messages or silently captures Facebook chat as it occurs. An HTML report file is created containing the located/captured messages, sorting them by date and time. Unicode is supported (i.e. different languages) and converted to the original text.

Fchat is useful for recovering your old Facebook live chat conversations or or logging/saving your own. ıt has been tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It should run fine on Windows 2003 Server but will not run on Windows 9x and prior.

A demo version of Fchat can be downloaded from JADsoftware.com but only up to 10 chat messages will be saved to file in “demo mode”. Fchat is commercial software and a license needs to be purchased to “unlock” the demo version of Fchat for full functionality.

Download Fchat Trial Version

January 19, 2010

ICQ Launches ICQ 7 with Social MessagingICQ just launched its new version of its popular IM software ICQ 7. With ICQ 7, the popular instant messaging platform, offers a Social Messaging client - integrating real-time updates from content sharing sites and social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

ICQ 7 presents an optimal integration between the users' personal communication tool and their online social activities. Side by side with the ICQ Contact List, users can find a separate tab of real-time feeds and updates from their friends in various social networks. Users no longer need to open a browser and log into each and every network they're members in, from now on it's all in their ICQ. Users can also comment on their friends updates from within ICQ and their comments will be posted on the relevant social network automatically.

Download ICQ 7

January 18, 2010

VoiceGear Contact Alerter for Skype ScreenshotVoiceGear Contact Alerter for Skype is a Skype plugin that allows you to stay informed whenever your Skype contacts change their online status. Using this plugin you can enable custom alerts for every Skype status. Anytime your Skype contact switches status you can be notified with a popup window or a sound alert.

VoiceGear Contact Alerter for Skype Features :

· Auto Chat - Simply enable a contact alert for your Skype buddy and type in a chat message. Your chat message will be sent to your contact whenever they switch their Skype status to Online.

· Text Popup and Sound Notifications - Choose between text popup and/or sound alerts for status notifications.

· Contact Reminders - Set individual contact reminders.

· Last Seen Status Info - View the last time your contact was seen online.

Download VoiceGear Contact Alerter for Skype

January 15, 2010

Multi-ICQ ScreenshotMulti-ICQ allows you to launch multiple instances of ICQ with multiple accounts at the same time.

ICQ-Banner-Remover exempts your ICQ from advertisement and other annoying objects in the contact list and the chat window. The ICQ startup popup will not be disabled, you can do that manually in ICQ's options. Please take care of choosing the right Banner-Remover for your ICQ version.

Download Multi-ICQ
Download ICQ-Banner-Remover

ICQ Status Checker - Check the Status of any ICQ UserICQ Status Checker allows you to see the status of every user, no matter if he is online, not available, invisible or offline.

Temporarily there is no protection against ICQ Status Checker, that means that every invisible contact can be detected, independently which client he is using. Besides, the XStatus (from status manager), the registration date and the login and idle time will be displayed additionally (in case the user is wheter offline nor invisible).

If you use the anonymous mode even a login is not required. However, if you want to login although it would be the best way to do so by a second anonymous number.


January 14, 2010

Chatab ScreenshotChatab is a multi-protocol web-based instant messaging service. It is a fast and practical way to get connected no matter where you are located.

Chatab has a built-in browser that lets you chat and browse at the very same time.

Chatab supports many IM networks and social networks such as Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, Gadu-Gadu, Myspace, AIM, LiveJournal, QQ, ICQ, XMPP.

You can register and create your very own account at the site, or log in directly to your preferred instant messaging service and start chatting away.

Go to Chatab.com

January 12, 2010

Windows Live for Windows Phone (Std - Pro)Microsoft has released a new version of Windows Live for Windows phones running Windows Mobile Professional and Standard operating systems.

Windows Live Messenger, Hotmail, Photos and the “What’s New” feed are now all available on your 6.x Windows phone.

Windows Live™ for Windows® phone (Std) is for use with a non-touch phone and Windows Live™ for Windows® phone (Pro) is for use with a touch phone.

Alternatively you can browse to http://wl.windowsmobile.com/ using Internet Explorer on your device to install using direct download.

FV TouchCam N1 : First Skype-certified HD Webcam : "There are currently quite a few high-definition Webcams on the market, but what faceVsion announced at CES 2010 is something rather unique, especially for video calling using Skype.

It's a new HD Webcam called the FV TouchCam N1 that's the result of a partnership between faceVsion and Skype. It's the first HD Webcam that's certified by Skype.

According to faceVsion, most existing HD Webcams suffer from the same barriers when it comes to HD video communication, especially when using Skype. These include the fact that CPU power is insufficient to handle real-time, two-way HD video communications, and the connection to the Internet is not fast enough to transmit HD video quality..."
Continue reading : CES: FaceVsion announces first Skype-certified HD Webcam

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January 11, 2010

Pimp Tool ScreenshotPimp Tool is an application that can allows you to automatically post RSS feeds to your status messages. It supports Yahoo! Messenger, Skype and Google Talk.

You can animate your IM status with this simple tool designed to help you share the information you find interesting and you believe your friends might find it interesting as well, promote your personal or not so personal blog, or, simply share some of your thoughts.

With Pimp Tool you can create a playlist with your own personal status messages, as well as with articles from RSS feeds you have previously added. This playlist is one of Pimp Tool's main features allowing you to set and organize your status messages in the easiest way possible.

Download Pimp Tool

January 07, 2010

Skype Coming To Your HDTV

January 07, 2010

"In just a few months’ time, you’ll be able to get Skype on your TV – and you can find out more in the video above.

We’re bringing Skype into the living room, so that you can share family moments – celebrating a birthday, organising a holiday or just having a chat with friends on a Sunday evening – all on the big screen.

Thanks to our TV manufacturing partners LG and Panasonic, we’ve been able to embed Skype in the latest generation of internet-connected widescreen HDTVs.

They’ve been tested in our labs in Tallinn, Estonia by our team of engineers to make sure that everything works well together, and once you’ve bought yours, all you’ll need to do is get hold of a TV-ready webcam – developed specially to work with your TV and with Skype..."
Continue reading : Get Skype on your TV

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January 05, 2010

S4PG - Skype For Power GamersS4PG (Skype For Power Gamers) is a client-server software package that works with Skype for Windows to provide automated VoIP call and Group Instant Messaging conferencing functionality.

S4PG Client Features :

# Push-to-Talk (PTT) and Mute-Toggle-Key (MTK)
# Instant messaging over Skype (S4PG.Client's PlayXpert Edition supports AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, Sony Station Friends, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and Xfire)
# In-game overlay : First and only complete interfacing and control system for Skype that can be used in full-screen DirectX games.
# Share streaming screenshots of one gamer's screen to one or more other players.

S4PG Server Features :

# Automatic Voice Conference Manager
# Text-To-Speech Event Engine
# Public Phone Number Auto-Conferencing
# Skypecast-like functionality
# Streaming Audio Webcast

Download Skype For Power Gamers

January 04, 2010

TweetSwitch is a free service that allows you to tweet and receive your tweets from any instant messenger or via email. TweetSwitch is a web service so you do not need to install any new applications. You simply log-in to TweetSwitch using your Twitter account, and configure the way you want to send and receive your messages.

TweetSwitch currently supports AIM, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Skype and Google Talk. In addition TweetSwitch supports all email providers.

Try TweetSwitch

Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 Screenshot

"The new year starts interesting: More screenshots of Windows Live Messenger Wave 4 have been discovered by the Chinese news site LiveSino.net.

Windows 7 enhances your task bar with new features, like multiple taskbar thumbnails for the same application, as well as toolbar interfaces. They allow applications to offer small in-thumbnail toolbars with the most-used functionality. Messenger Wave 4 will make use of these toolbars: You can change your status directly from the taskbar. Messenger 2009’s Windows 7 bug, showing 2 buttons for the Messenger main window, has been fixed..."
Continue reading : More Photos of Live Messenger Wave 4

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