January 12, 2010

FV TouchCam N1 : First Skype-certified HD Webcam : "There are currently quite a few high-definition Webcams on the market, but what faceVsion announced at CES 2010 is something rather unique, especially for video calling using Skype.

It's a new HD Webcam called the FV TouchCam N1 that's the result of a partnership between faceVsion and Skype. It's the first HD Webcam that's certified by Skype.

According to faceVsion, most existing HD Webcams suffer from the same barriers when it comes to HD video communication, especially when using Skype. These include the fact that CPU power is insufficient to handle real-time, two-way HD video communications, and the connection to the Internet is not fast enough to transmit HD video quality..."
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Posted by Dong Ngo @ cnet CES

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