February 26, 2010

Simple Network Chat Screenshot Simple Network Chat is a a basic little local network chat tool that communicates via shared folders.

Designed for use in homes when there are lots of different computers and possibly not internet on some. Can be run on startup in a minimized system tray state.

Simple Network Chat Features :

-Upload/Download files between computers
-New message notifications
-Downloaded file previews
-Multiple chat sessions simultaneously
-Save chat as txt
-Print chat
-Run in system tray
-Not as risky as internet im's

Download Simple Network Chat ~ Softpedia Mirror

SX for Skype is an innovative security product that will offer you the possibility to record all your Skype calls and messages, thus keeping you safe.

SX for Skype Features:

Content filtering:
· Filters and blocks inappropriate content in messages
· Easy configuration with four filtering levels

Phishing/Spam protection:
· Block spammers and scammers from contacting you
· Filters out annoying and potentially dangerous messages and calls

Call and messages archive:
· Full call recording in MP3 format
· Plug & Play, no configuration is required

Download SX for Skype via download.com

February 24, 2010

Officially, the N900 has built-in support for instant messaging and VOIP through Skype, Google Talk, Jabber/Facebook, Ovi and SIP.

Unofficially, it's very very easy to add support for even more messenger standards: MSN / Live (Haze), Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Gadu Gadu, GroupWise, QQ, Sametime.

This video goes through the entire process of adding support for these additional standards by installing a special app. After you've installed the app, the N900's built-in messaging and calling systems will include all of these additional standards.

February 23, 2010

Windows Live Messenger 2010 Leaked Screenshot

"Development of Windows Live Wave 4 is in full swing as Microsoft prepares the next versions of its consumer software and service offerings. With Windows Live Messenger apparently having reached milestone 3, screenshots have started appearing on the web showing its improved interface and new social features.

Following the first images back in December last year, more appeared in January and then just a couple of days ago the most recent screenshot surfaced. Now even more screenshots have been spotted by LiveSide, posted at cnBeta.com, which reveal additional features that should make their way into Windows Live Messenger version 15 - also know as version 2010."
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February 22, 2010

Download WLM 2010 Emoticon Pack"As recently showcased by Group Program Manager for Social Networking Jeff Kunins in the Inside Windows Live blog, Messenger 2010 will get a new set of emoticons. These will be introduced throughout Windows Live, so you can use them in Live Writer as well as Hotmail and the other applications. Today the full set has been unveiled by the Chinese news sites cnbeta.com and LiveSino.net.

You don’t want to wait until Windows Live 2010 (Wave 4) is released? There is a way how you can use the new emoticons right now. Here is how it works..."
Continue reading : Messenger 2010: Get the new emoticons now!

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Emoticon Status Generator ScreenshotEmoticon Status Generator is a small tool that allows you to make your Yahoo! Messenger status entirely from emoticons. Select the desired emoticon from the right panel and click on an emoticon from the left panel to change it to the selected one.

Version 3.2 has this new features : fill the workspace with the desired emoticon, select an “eraser” emoticon (double-click an emoticon from the workspace to “erase” it), save the generated Emoticon Status as an image...

Download Emoticon Status Generator

Jabbin - Opensource Instant Messenger With VoIP and Social NetworkingJabbin is a new social application that combines VoIP, Instant Messaging and Social Networking. The platform is available on mobile, web and desktop and aims to unify your digital lifestyle organizing all your IM and Social Network profiles in one place.

An account with Jabbin is required to use the Instant Messenger. Once logged in, head over to the Accounts tab to connect different IM services with this application. You could import all your IM accounts (MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, AIM, ICQ, Gtalk and more) and add your Social Networks profiles (Twitter, Youtube, Flickr …).

Jabbin Features:

Free Pc to Pc calls, Instant Messaging, Update your Status, Phonebook, Phone calls, Social Networks, Emoticons, Ringtones...

Download Jabbin

February 19, 2010

RSS.IM allows you to read feeds through the messaging client that you use the most.

The service will push your RSS feeds as an instant message via Google Talk or a Jabber/XMPP client. Rather than setting this up for individual feeds, you can create a folder of feeds you want to follow on Google Reader and use the RSS URL of that folder, much more convenient.

On the site you are provided with the option to individualize these feeds that you would like to follow one by one, and then provide the address of your IM provider. By complying with these two simple steps you will start receiving notifications in your client. You can also add a chat buddy bot@rss.im and send it an address of the feed or the website you'd like to subscribe to.

Facebook Chat Now Supports XMPPFacebook officially announced that its chat feature supports XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol), an open source instant messaging standard. It means that some multiple service instant messaging client like Adium, iChat, or Pidgin can be logged in with Facebook Account to chat with your friends on Facebook. Official full support already available for AIM and Meebo (multi-protocol web messenger).

Simply connect your Facebook account with the instant messaging client of your choice and start chatting. You will not need to stay logged in to Facebook.com to continue to access your Facebook friends. To get started chatting, visit the Facebook Chat section of the site tour for instructions on how to connect and for examples of instant messaging clients you can connect with.

February 18, 2010

Skype has joined forces with Verizon Wireless, the largest and most reliable mobile network in the US.

From March, you’ll be able to get Skype on a wide range of Verizon Wireless phones, including BlackBerry Storm 9530, Storm2 9550, Curve 8330, Curve 8530, 8830 World Edition and Tour 9630 smartphones, as well as DROID by Motorola, DROID ERIS by HTC and Motorola DEVOUR. I know that many of you have been waiting for these apps, particularly those for BlackBerry and Android, and it’s great that we’re now able to offer them to people across the US.
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February 17, 2010

Meebo for iPhone ScreenshotMeebo team have recently released a native IM app for iPhone and iPod touch users. The new Meebo app provides a native iPhone application with support for over 100 IM networks through the Meebo service.

The Meebo app also includes push notifications, support for multiple conversations, landscape keyboard support, searchable chat history and an integrated buddy list.

Chat history is synchronized between the iPhone and the meebo.com web-based chat service, and users can seamlessly switch between the web-based chat and the iPhone app in the same chat session.

Meebo requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is available from the App Store as a free download.

February 16, 2010

Mood FactoryMood Factory is a small tool that allows you tocreate impressive mood messages for your Skype profile.

# Insert link feature: show hyperlink with alternative text.
# Get button: retrieve already written mood message.
# Connectivity status indicator.
# Large font size.
# Select text you want to edit and press formating button - text will be automatically inserted into code.
# Automatic reconnection: program will automatically connect to Skype, when connection will be possible.

Download Mood Factory

The chat history in Windows Live Messenger cannot contain an unlimited amount of messages. When it is full, you will see a notification like the following one:

How to Configure Messenger Plus! to Log Your Conversations
There are two possibilities to avoid losing messages.

Firstly, you can choose to have your old messages archived in a separate log file.

Secondly, you can always switch over to the chat history logger integrated into Messenger Plus!. It will archive your messages on a monthly basis, so your log files can never grow too much...
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February 15, 2010

EmoticonMadeEasy - Backup WLM Emotions and Import Yahoo SmileysEmoticonMadeEasy is a program that allows you to backup your MSN icons, import/export emoticons, import Yahoo Smileys, import images or icons from local machine and convert them into MSN emoticons, and share your emoticons between computers or accounts, or share with your friends.

You can export MSN emoticons on a computer to a single file and then import the file into MSN Messenger on the other computers. Also, you can import Yahoo Smileys into your MSN messenger.

Download EmoticonMadeEasy

February 11, 2010

This video shows you how to use Skype on your iPhone 3G or 3GS. As you know Skype (from app store) can only be used on wifi. This video shows you how to use 3G Unrestrictor (from cydia) so that you can make calls using Skype on 3G. Combine this with Backgrounder (cydia app) and you can now make and receive calls anytime and anywhere.

Add repo.sinfuliphone.com to cydia sources.

Then search for 3G Unrestrictor and install.

(Open 3G Unrestrictor and add Skype to the list.

If 3G Unrestrictor isn't working then try installing VoIPover3G from cydia.

Download Backgrounder from Cydia. Once installed, to enable, open Skype (or any app) then hold the home button, let go of the home button when you see "backgrounder enabled" Now Skype (or any app) will be running in the background, enabling you to receive calls even if your iPhone is not on.

To disable Background it's the same way, hold home button until you see "backgrounder disabled"

February 10, 2010

"The short description of FarmVille is this: “FarmVille is a game where you can farm with your friends.” Basically you get a plot of land and you have to plant crops, harvest them, make money to buy new and better things. But if you are one of the more than 350 million Facebook users, then you already know this. With more than 75 million monthly active users, you can say that FarmVille is one of the more popular apps on the social networking site.

It seems that 75 million users is not a big enough number for Zynga, the company behind FarmVille and numerous other Facebook apps. So the company partnered up with MSN Games, thus allowing these users to play the game on the site, using Facebook Connect. It also means that Windows Live Messenger users will be able to play the game. And because Facebook Connect is involved, these users can interact will all the existing 75 million FarmVille players..."
Continue reading : MSN Games and Windows Live Messenger Welcome FarmVille

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AIM Now Supports Facebook ChatAOL Instant Messenger is integrating Facebook Connect to allow AIM users to chat with their Facebook friends.

AOL said Wednesday that a new version of AIM connects with the instant-messaging function on Facebook's Web site, letting AIM users communicate with friends who are logged on to the social network and available to chat.

Once an AIM user downloads the new software and links it with their Facebook profile, their buddy list will include a list of online Facebook friends.

You can try a beta version now if you like at x.aim.com/facebook/preview.html.

February 09, 2010

Messenger Plus! Live Skin

"The days of MSN Messenger painted a vibrant community of designers who were keen to hack into the program's resources and create some polished, unique and excellent skins. When I joined the community back in February 2005 there was an vast array of high quality and imaginative skin designs to choose from, but today with Windows Live Messenger 2009, the community seems to have become stagnant.

Wait a minute, but surely skinning now has more depth and a smaller learning curve thanks to Messenger Plus! Live? While this is true the issue today is the end a thriving community to extrapolate anything from the available modern resources..."
Continue reading : Is Messenger skinning in decline?

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February 08, 2010

Live Messenger Sniffer ScreenshotLive Messenger Sniffer is a real-in-time monitoring software to intercept windows live messenger (MSN Messenger) messages across a LAN. With it you can easily supervise your children or employees' activities on Live or MSN Messenger and record all the details.

Live Messenger Sniffer Features:

* Monitor MSN activities and capture MSN chat messages on local LAN
* Works in secret mode without showing any window and tray icon
* Exports the messages to html format files report
* Recognizes plain text messages
* Recognizes P2P Via Server messages
* Shows all the events of MSN contact
* Saves the messages into the database
* Search the messages in the database
* Supports capturing on multiple network adapters
* Ignores Live/MSN Messenger messages by IPs or Emails
* Blocks Live/MSN Messenger connections by IPs or Emails
* Views the messages and events in real-time
* Captures the communications of MSN connections
* Views the detail communications in real-time
* Saves the communications data to disk files
* Exports the communications to html format files
* Captures all the TCP packets
* Set password for the sniffer program
* Blocks the connection specified in real-time
* Support MSN Messenger 7.X/8.X
* Support Windows Live Messenger 8.X/2009

Download Free Trial

February 05, 2010

"Many of you have been asking when we’ll release a version of Skype for iPhone which supports 3G calling. Well, the simple answer is soon.

Last Thursday, Apple introduced the iPad, which we’re very excited about here at Skype. David Ponsford, who features in the video above, and his team are reviewing the device and its specs, and you can expect to hear more from us about Skype for iPad in due course."
Continue reading : An update on Skype for iPhone and calling over 3G

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February 04, 2010

Camersoft Skype Recorder ScreenshotCamersoft Skype Recorder is a professional Skype recording software which could help you to record Skype video call easily. The Skype recorder could capture Skype webcam video and audio and save as AVI files on your PC. So you could replay the videos any time as you want.

Camersoft Skype Recorder Features :

# Simple and elegant user interface
# Capture the original video data and record with best video quality
# Display the time escaped when recording
# Easily to find and play the recorded video files

Download Camersoft Skype Recorder Free Trial

Camersoft MSN Webcam Recorder Screenshot Camersoft MSN Webcam Recorder is an easy-to-use application that will help you record MSN webcam video streams and save them as AVI files.

After recording an MSN video, just click the "Open Folder" button to open the directory and find the recorded AVI files. You could play them with Windows Media Player or your other player software.

Camersoft MSN Webcam Recorder Features :

· Record both audio and video of your webcam and your MSN chatmate's
· Simple UI and easy to use.
· You only need press the record and stop buttons on the software UI to complete a MSN recording.
· Easily to replay the MSN record video files.

Download Camersoft MSN Webcam Recorder Free Trial

February 03, 2010

TwiTalker is a powerful Twitter robot based on Google Talk. You can send tweets and receive friends' updates directly in Gtalk without login in your Twitter account.

TwiTalker Commands:

# Get help and command list: -help
# Bind to account: -v AccessKey AccessSecret
# Remove binding: -remove
# Set on-mode (receive tweets and DM from your friends): -on
# Set self-mode (only received mentioned tweets and DM):-self
# Set off-mode(never receive tweets):-off
# Retrieve latest mentioned tweets: -@
# Retrieve latest direct message: -d

How to start using TwiTalker ?

February 02, 2010

G-Recorder ScreenshotG-Recorder is a Skype plugin that makes it easy to record Skype calls and chats. They are both automatically sent to your Gmail account and labeled by type (Skype Calls, Skype Chats) for easy searching, viewing or listening.

G-Recorder Features:

* Skype calls (MP3) and chats are stored in "clouds", searchable and accessible to you anytime from anywhere.
* Your Skype calls are recorded to MP3 format - you can replay the MP3's in Gmail just in place without downloading.
* No matter how many computers you use Skype on, your conversations are merged in Gmail from all the computers in chronological order.
* You won't lose Skype chat history when you change computers or just reinstall Windows.
* Powerful and user-friendly Gmail interface to work with your Skype conversations like with e-mail.

Install G-Recorder

February 01, 2010

Trillian for Mac Screenshot Cerulean Studios recently announced that the alpha build of Trillian for Mac is now ready for download. Trillian is a multi-procotol instant messaging client and it allows you chat on Windows Live, Yahoo!, MySpaceIM, AIM, Google, ICQ, Jabber, Skype, IRC, and manage your Email, Facebook, and Twitter all together.

Trillian for Mac Features:

* Networks: Astra, Windows Live, Yahoo!, Facebook Chat, AIM, ICQ, XMPP, Google Talk, Bonjour, MySpaceIM.
* Contact list: identities, groups, MetaContacts, searching, drag-and-drop, inline renaming, avatars, service icons.
* Quick ‘click-to-type’ nickname and status changes, including iTunes tracking.
* Standard Trillian iconholder and avatar display.
* Smart tabbed conversation windows (tabs on demand) with typing indicators, bubble view, emoticons, links.
* Login screen and support for multiple accounts.
* Basic preferences screen, connection manager, full suite of per-connection preferences.
* File transfers and a file transfer manager.
* Activity history framework – logs are being written to disk in standard Trillian format (XML, LOG).
* Support for most standard Mac hotkeys for flipping through windows, opening preferences, etc.
* Basic dock integration and badging.
* Auto update.

Developer Cerulean Studios says they are still working on Social network "feed" integration for Twitter, Facebook streams), Mail integration, customization options, Group conversations, Growl integration, “Status Item” support, Activity history viewer, Voice and video support and Setting your personal avatar. But those features should be out soon and you can look out.

Download Trillian for Mac Alpha Build