February 22, 2010

Jabbin - Opensource Instant Messenger With VoIP and Social NetworkingJabbin is a new social application that combines VoIP, Instant Messaging and Social Networking. The platform is available on mobile, web and desktop and aims to unify your digital lifestyle organizing all your IM and Social Network profiles in one place.

An account with Jabbin is required to use the Instant Messenger. Once logged in, head over to the Accounts tab to connect different IM services with this application. You could import all your IM accounts (MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, AIM, ICQ, Gtalk and more) and add your Social Networks profiles (Twitter, Youtube, Flickr …).

Jabbin Features:

Free Pc to Pc calls, Instant Messaging, Update your Status, Phonebook, Phone calls, Social Networks, Emoticons, Ringtones...

Download Jabbin

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