February 08, 2010

Live Messenger Sniffer ScreenshotLive Messenger Sniffer is a real-in-time monitoring software to intercept windows live messenger (MSN Messenger) messages across a LAN. With it you can easily supervise your children or employees' activities on Live or MSN Messenger and record all the details.

Live Messenger Sniffer Features:

* Monitor MSN activities and capture MSN chat messages on local LAN
* Works in secret mode without showing any window and tray icon
* Exports the messages to html format files report
* Recognizes plain text messages
* Recognizes P2P Via Server messages
* Shows all the events of MSN contact
* Saves the messages into the database
* Search the messages in the database
* Supports capturing on multiple network adapters
* Ignores Live/MSN Messenger messages by IPs or Emails
* Blocks Live/MSN Messenger connections by IPs or Emails
* Views the messages and events in real-time
* Captures the communications of MSN connections
* Views the detail communications in real-time
* Saves the communications data to disk files
* Exports the communications to html format files
* Captures all the TCP packets
* Set password for the sniffer program
* Blocks the connection specified in real-time
* Support MSN Messenger 7.X/8.X
* Support Windows Live Messenger 8.X/2009

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