March 31, 2010

Chit Chat for Facebook ScreenshotColleen, a writer for the Facebook Chat instant messenger Chit Chat for Facebook, analyzes a competing Facebook instant messenger.

At Chit Chat for Facebook, we like to think that our desktop Facebook instant messenger is ideal solution for all Facebook Chat users, that’s not always the case.

Chit Chat offers Facebook emoticons, chat history, status notifications as well as a range of other additional functionality allowing you to use Facebook Chat on a traditional desktop instant messenger client, basically like MSN or Yahoo Messenger.

More specifically, whilst Chit Chat takes Facebook Chat and makes it accessible from your computer – i.e. without your web-browser not everyone finds that solution ideal for them. Some people like to use their web-browser to instant message, and would prefer to take all their desktop instant messengers to their web-browser.

Meebo may be a new word to you - it's the free IM that allows you to login to all your IM networks using any computer, as long as it has an internet connection, a browser and no issues with the firewall. It uses various technologies including AJAX so that it can act more like a desktop app, and this makes your usability much more dramatic. In addition to IM, Meebo offers various other services, including an IM client for personal or corporate web pages, and a chat room client.

Meebo ScreenshotSome Meebo users have also experimented with using it as their desktop page, almost like a Windows app, for the purposes of their instant messaging. Meebo works the best with the most recent versions of most browsers, so if you want to accentuate your Meebo experience, you may want to switch to a browser that is more Meebo-friendly.

The browsers that work the most seamlessly with Meebo include:

* Internet Explorer 6.x
* Internet Explorer 7.x
* Internet Explorer 8.x
* Firefox 3.x
* Chrome 2.x
* Safari 4.x

* Safari 4.x
* Firefox 3.x

* Firefox 3.x

To login to Meebo, sign up, if you haven't already. This can be done within the same frame. If you have more IM networks than one, enter your account information for each network and then sign on. If you don't have any IM accounts yet (does this really happen?), create those accounts with their individual IM clients first. Meebo has links on their main page to access any of the most-used IM's. Meebo supports Jabber, ICQ, Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo and AIM.

Once you login to Meebo, there will be a friendly page displayed. You'll first notice your Buddy icon. This is the image that your “buddies” will see as they chat with you. You can change that image by clicking on it and selecting or uploading an image you want.

There is an area on the Meebo main page that will display your account status, including all the IM accounts that you have already added to your individual Meebo account. If you are not connected to a particular IM network when you login, that account will be shown in gray. You can click on any network account to sign off that connection if you need to.

To see your IM accounts, you can click on them to manage each one, all of which can be done through your Meebo account. You can set Meebo to play a sound when you receive and send IM's, if you want one, and you can set your preferences to display emoticons. The themes and skins can be changed to suit your personality or your mood.

You can create an IM chat window to be embedded in your own site, and use various themes. Available rooms can be searched for and visited from your Meebo home page. When you want to IM one of your buddies, double-click on their name in the buddy list, and you'll see an IM window appear for chatting.

You don't even need a Meebo account to use Meebo, but they do recommend that you sign up with them, to take advantage of benefits you can't see if you don't have an account. This includes an automatic login to all your IM's, the ability to access and manage all your IM accounts from the same place, and the chance to save your chat logs. Signing up with Meebo will also allow you to transfer files, create Meebo widgets, customize your Meebo page with skins and themes, and moderate and configure your own Meebo rooms.

To send a message from Meebo, just hit Enter – no “send” button will be found. If your party is away, you can leave IM offline messages for buddies on Jabber, Google Talk, Yahoo and ICQ.

shMessenger ScreenshotshMessenger is a multi-protocol instant messenger application for mobile phones. shMessenger currently supports Yahoo!, MSN, GTalk networks.

shMessenger Features:

# Compatible with a large number of phones, including "qwerty" keyboard phones and touch screen
# Works with both Internet and WAP access points
# Supports multiple concurrent accounts
# Smileys
# Buddy icons
# Status change
# Display image upload
# Themes
# Sounds

To install the application directly from your phone, go to from your phone's browser.

Download shMessenger

March 30, 2010

Winamp•E- Show What Song You`re Listening to on Yahoo Messenger StatusWinamp•E is a small utility that can display the currently playing track on your Yahoo Messenger status.

Winamp•E Features:

- Works on Yahoo Messenger 8,9 and 10
- Enter url
- Enter prefix
- 5 seconds delay when you change song if you do not want show the track immediately
- Minimizes to the tray
- Remember position on screen

Download Winamp•E ~ via Softpedia

File Transfers Comes to iGoogle and Orkut ChatStarting today, you can share photos, documents, and other files while chatting in iGoogle and Orkut. Just click Send a file... in the Actions menu while chatting with a friend (no download required).

This feature is also compatible with the file transfer functionality in the Google Talk downloadable software, so you can share files directly from the web with folks who use the desktop version.

File transfer is available in Orkut and iGoogle only for now. But Gtalk team is working on bringing it to Gmail as well.

March 29, 2010

Skype is now available for use will select Verizon Wireless’ best-selling BlackBerry and Android 3G smartphones. You can visit the Skype Mobile site and download the app right to your phone.

If you are not on Verizon, you cannot use this new service. Verizon has an exclusive deal with Skype to be the sole carrier of this service.

The app will work on BlackBerry Storm 9530, Storm2 9550, Curve 8330, Curve 8530, 8830 World Edition and Tour 9630 smartphones, as well as DROID by Motorola, DROID ERIS by HTC and the Motorola DEVOUR. Skype team will add support for more phones and platforms later this year.

Skype mobile for Verizon Wireless Features:

* make and receive unlimited Skype-to-Skype voice calls to anyone else on Skype around the globe
* send and receive unlimited instant messages with other people on Skype
* call international phone numbers at our low rates

Get Skype mobile on a Verizon Wireless 3G smartphone

March 26, 2010

xMessenger ScreenshotxMessenger is an easy to use tool designed to offer users a stealth chat that allows you to send messages to another computer who has started the xMessenger server (possibly stealthily in background). The connection is through TCP port 11112. You just need to know the IP address.

xMessenger Features:

· Run xMessenger server on the target computer
· Run xMessenger client and connect it to the server by entering the adress IP
· Make sure that TCP port 11112 is open
· Send few messages in a message box or in the system tray
· You can set up some elements, like the priority, the icon, and you can give the right of reply

Download xMessenger

March 25, 2010

Microsoft Messenger for Mac 8 Beta (build # A public beta of Microsoft Messenger for Mac version 8 (build # was released a few days ago.

This new version is for personal accounts only. To sign into your personal account you will need an ID on the Windows Live Network. The ID can be from any e-mail account ending in "", "", "", or other account that is registered with Windows Live. Users with an account on a corporate network that uses Office Communications Server will not be able to use this beta.

The Messenger for Mac 8 Beta introduces the much anticipated audio/video feature. You can now use your personal account for face-to-face interactions with family, friends, and coworkers by using Messenger for Mac or Windows Live Messenger.

Download Microsoft Messenger for Mac version 8 Beta

March 24, 2010

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March 22, 2010

Windows Live Messenger 2010 (build 15.2.2583.119) Screenshot

It has been a long time coming, but the first build of Windows Live Messenger 2010 has leaked, confirming many of the features we have seen in our coverage over the past eight months.

The build number, 15.2.2583.119 has been floating around the Internet since yesterday, after reports from LiveSide confirmed the leak had occurred earlier in the week. We at Messenger Stuff have installed the beta and had a close look at what Windows Live Messenger 2010 has to offer.

Below are some important notes concerning the leaked build:
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Posted @ Messenger Stuff

Web Messenger on Windows Live Wave 4"We started off a few months ago showing you what the new Windows Live Wave 4 web services header will look like, and we told you that every Windows Live web page will have Web Messenger incorporated into its header. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get hold of any screenshots as we couldn’t quite get it to work back then. But today we’re able to show you how Web Messenger actually looks, with this new feature fully functional in the Wave 4 web services header. Here’s what it looks like, under the expanded “Messenger” menu:"
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Create Emoticons for MSN Messenger's online tool allows you to create emoticons online for MSN and Windows Live Messenger. Ypu can create emoticons for MSN Messenger directly by selecting the text, animation, background, and much more.

To save the created emoticon you can simply click on the "Save" button next to the preview and select the folder where you want to save it.

Once you saved the created emoticon on your computer, you can insert it in the list of emoticons for your MSN Messenger to use it in chat with your friends.

Create Emoticons for MSN Messenger

March 18, 2010

How to Set Up Voice and Video in Yahoo! Messenger 10

"If you’ve upgraded to Yahoo! Messenger 10 or got a new webcam recently, chances are you’ll want to try out the high-quality voice and video call features.

As a first step, we recommend that you complete the “Voice and Video Setup” steps to ensure that your microphone, speakers/headphones, and webcam are working properly.

To get started, click on the Messenger menu and select “Preferences”. When the Preferences window opens, click “Video & Voice” on the left hand menu. This will bring up your options on the right hand side:"
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Posted by Sarah Bacon @ Yahoo! Messenger Blog

Yahsmosis is an unofficial Yahoo! Chat client that aims to provide a working source-code and functionality to the AutoIt community and other users with a variety of features.

Yahsmosis Features:

User Groups and per-group settings:
· Group-specific PM's
· Username Wildcard filtering

· Username wildcard matching
· Text phrase matching
· Per-packet scripted filter actions
· Text similarity and timing settings

· Userlist information coloring

3rd-party INF support:
· In-chat Avatar support (YA,YZ,CC,C7,CH,OC)
· Gravatar support
· Userlist icons for 3rd-party chat clients

Basic font and text color formatting:
· Incoming text-fade support (Beta)
· Incoming username-fade support (Beta)

· Chatscreen Zoom
· Minimize/Restore Markers
· Custom emoticons editor
· Login cookie caching support
· CAPTCHA caching
· Mild encryption for saved login information
· Extension support

Download Yahsmosis

NetSaro allows you to create a private and secure instant messaging network, based on client-server architecture.

You can send and receive Message, Voice Message, File or Screenshot or start multi-user Chat Sessions.

System access requires a valid User Name and Password.

You may want to log messages between your users for auditing purposes.

Client user interface integrates smoothly into the desktop.

Download NetSaro Evaluation Version

New product: Password Recovery for MySpaceIMReactive Software develops and supplies security and recovery solutions. The company recently released password recovery software for MySpaceIM, Digsby and Gizmo 5.

Password Recovery for MySpaceIM encovers saved MySpaceIM passwords (which match your main MySpace passwords). This tool works provided you can login your MySpaceIM without entering the account password.

Download Password Recovery for MySpaceIM

Password Recovery for Digsby is a tool that will find and decrypt Digsby account passwords stored on your computer. This Digsby password recovery tool works if you are able to login to your Digsby account without entering your password (saved password checkbox ticked). Recovery from external Digsby user data files is also possible (explained lower on this page) which means you can copy the profile data from another computer or from a crashed hard drive and rip Digsby passwords from it.

Download Password Recovery for Digsby

Password Recovery for Gizmo5 is a tool that was developed to recover lost or forgotten Gizmo5 password that was saved on your computer using "Remember my name and password" checkbox. This program will recover Gizmo password only if you are able to successfully sign in to Gizmo5 without having to enter your password. Recovery from external files is also possible.

Download Password Recovery for Gizmo5

March 12, 2010

MSN AddsBlocker - Block Ads in Windows Live Messenger Ads are the most annoying things in all messengers especially in Window Live Messenger, whenever you start Windows live Messenger they began to pop up and disturb you during chatting even some of them make strange sounds and noises which is really annoying.

MSN AddsBlocker is a small and easy to use tool that allows you to block or unblock Ads in Windows Live Messenger.

Download MSN AddsBlocker via Softpedia

March 10, 2010

SkypePhone Manager ScrenshotSkypePhone Manager is a Windows application which attaches to a running instance of Skype and forwards incoming calls (including SkypeIn calls) to another Skype account, which is usually an account on a SkypePhone.

The application also manages outgoing call forwarding settings, allowing you to make calls and SMS messages from your mobile at SkypeOut rates. You can change (or disable) the number the account forwards to by sending a chat message to the PC Skype account.

Download SkypePhone Manager

March 04, 2010

FIXITCHAT ScreenshotFIXITCHAT is a new multi-procotol instant messaging client for PCs and Mobile Phones. FIXITCHAT currently supports Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger , MSN, Gadu-Gadu, ICQ, QQ, Live Journal, My Space, Same Time, Facebook, IRC and AIM.

# Chat to your friends anytime anyplace 24/7 without interruptions.
# Video Call your friends in the comfort of your own home.
# Voice Call your friends and family for free.
# View your chat history “You will never lose your conversations”
# Add a profile picture.
# Online Safety
# Search Friends
# Send files with a click of a button


March 03, 2010

Skype Now Available for Nokia Smartphones in Ovi StoreSkype and Nokia today jointly announced the release of Skype for Symbian, a Skype client for Nokia smartphones based on the Symbian platform, the world’s most popular smartphone platform.

Skype for Symbian will allow Nokia smartphone users worldwide to use Skype on the move, over either a WiFi or mobile data connection (GPRS, EDGE, 3G). It is now downloadable for free from the Ovi Store, Nokia’s one-stop shop for mobile content.

Skype for Symbian Features:

* Make free Skype-to-Skype calls to other Skype users anywhere in the world*
* Save money on calls and texts (SMS) to phones abroad.
* Send and receive instant messages to and from individuals or groups
* Share pictures, videos and other files.
* Receive calls to their existing online number
* See when Skype contacts are online and available to call or IM
* Easily import names and numbers from the phone’s address book

Yesterday Yahoo team released an updated version of Yahoo! Messenger 10 (version

This latest release includes several bug fixes to enhance stability and performance of our new video call feature. Several of the fixes improve video calling on PCs running Windows 7.

Download the latest version of Yahoo! Messenger 10

March 02, 2010

A Tiny Note ScreenshotA Tiny Note allows you to create notes from Google Talk. You can easily do this by adding aTinyNote gtalk bot as your friends in Google Talk. Whenever you have a conversation using Google's chat functionality the content will be categorized for ulterior reference.

Just add as your contact and you are all set.

You can use hashtags to categorize your notes, like this: #tag1 #tag2 #tag3. Separate each tag with a space.

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March 01, 2010

Skype Lite and Skype for Windows Mobile Are No Longer Available

"Skype has removed the download links for Skype and Skype Lite for Windows Mobile devices. If you've already got Skype loaded up on your phone or PDA, you can keep using it. But according to Skype's FAQ, the company felt the Windows Mobile version was "not offering the best possible Skype experience."

Of course, pulling the software altogether instead of working furiously to provide an awesome update isn't necessarily the approach I would have taken..."
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Posted by Brad Linder @ Downloadsquad