March 18, 2010

Yahsmosis is an unofficial Yahoo! Chat client that aims to provide a working source-code and functionality to the AutoIt community and other users with a variety of features.

Yahsmosis Features:

User Groups and per-group settings:
· Group-specific PM's
· Username Wildcard filtering

· Username wildcard matching
· Text phrase matching
· Per-packet scripted filter actions
· Text similarity and timing settings

· Userlist information coloring

3rd-party INF support:
· In-chat Avatar support (YA,YZ,CC,C7,CH,OC)
· Gravatar support
· Userlist icons for 3rd-party chat clients

Basic font and text color formatting:
· Incoming text-fade support (Beta)
· Incoming username-fade support (Beta)

· Chatscreen Zoom
· Minimize/Restore Markers
· Custom emoticons editor
· Login cookie caching support
· CAPTCHA caching
· Mild encryption for saved login information
· Extension support

Download Yahsmosis

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