May 27, 2010

eM Client integrates Email, Calendar, Instant Messaging and much more. It allows communication between users and groups of many different IM networks including MSN, ICQ, Skype and Jabber. Features include privacy lists, avatars and customizable notifications. Chat history is logged in real-time, and is displayed in the Sidebar or can be also opened in a separate window and kept above any running application.

Instant Messaging Features :

* Full XMPP (Jabber) protocol support
* Support for ICQ, MSN, Facebook chat, Yahoo chat, AOL and other services through XMPP transports
* Multiple IM accounts support
* File transfer support
* Privacy lists and invisibility support
* XMPP service discovery support
* Support for avatars
* Reply directly from notification window
* Contact roster detachable to separate window

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