May 22, 2010

Treegger setup on Adium Treegger IM is a Twitter instant messaging service that allows you to chat directly (without sending tweet) with your twitter friends using XMPP client (such as iChat, Pigdim or Adium).

Treegger delevoper Jason Chase says :

"It might sound redundant with other IM service such as MSN or Yahoo, but we realized that we don't have same "relations" or social network when using Twitter (compare to Yahoo/MSN). Twitter "relations" are not as close as those we have when chatting with Yahoo or whatever, and sometimes we need just directly chat with those twitter buddies. So we decided to fill the gap and provide a simple service as proof of our technology (since our business is about to sale massive messaging infrastructure for social startups)."

You can chat with online friends (bidirectional follow relationship). When you chat you don't post tweet, you directly send message to you friend without publishing it in public somewhere.

Treegger does not store any data, credentials or messages, all contents just transit between you and Treegger servers using secure connection (TLS).

Configure your IM client for Twitter

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