June 23, 2010

Facebook And Skype Become More Integrated

"Last week reports began surfacing that Facebook was now prompting users to invite their Skype friends to Facebook. Now, Facebook is testing deeper integration which enables Skype users to start calls, chat, and send files if their friends on the service. While we’ve received at least one report, we aren’t quite sure if this is a feature being tested by Facebook or if this something that is part of an upgraded Skype application.

We’re reaching out to Facebook for clarification but since it’s late I wouldn’t expect a response before tomorrow. Given that Facebook has an existing chat platform, and has even tested a video chat product, one has to wonder why Facebook would be the one behind this product. Also, the multiple occurrences of the Skype icon within Facebook’s product below makes it seem a little bit questionable..."
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Posted by Robin Wauters @ All Facebook

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