June 28, 2010

Windows Live Messenger Connect Beta Now AvailableMicrosoft recently announced the availability of the Windows Live Messenger Connect beta. Messenger Connect is a flexible, yet comprehensive, set of APIs and controls that allow you to build applications so people can communicate, share and connect with their Messenger friends. Applications built with Messenger Connect provide people a seamless social experience that combines your content with popular Windows Live features—such as chatting with their friends, updating their photos, or sharing their activities.

You can develop applications with Messenger Connect using almost any language you want. For web applications, you can use the extensive JavaScript library to work with server-side languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, and .NET. You can also use the .NET library to build Windows and Silverlight (both in-browser and out-of-browser) applications. Messenger Connect also has a robust REST API, giving you the tools you need to build highly flexible solutions.

Messenger Connect Capabilities:

With Messenger Connect, you can add a number of Windows Live features into your applications. Some examples include:

* Sign-in. Easily let people use their Windows Live ID to sign in to your application.
* Contacts. Let people find and invite their friends to your site.
* Calendar. Integrate your application your users' digital lives by letting them share their calendars with your application.
* Real-time Shared Experiences. Increase engagement by using the Messenger Chat Control -- a UI control that adds a fully functional chat room to your site.
* Activities. Let your users share what their up to on your site through their activity streams.

Although participation in the Messenger Connect beta is currently only by invitation, you can apply for the beta here.

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