August 20, 2010

Windows Live-Messenger Facebook Chat ScreenshotWith the recent refresh of the Windows Live Essentials beta, Windows Live Messenger has been updated to now support Facebook chat in addition to its standard IM service. This new feature further enhances the IM client software, which is already more of a social dashboard than a simple chat application.

Performance and quality of service improvements :

* A quicker Messenger – The time it takes to sign in, and to refresh contacts and social feeds, as well as animation speed, are all faster than in previous versions of Messenger.
* More efficient video chat - Messenger video chat uses 30% fewer CPU resources by offloading work to the GPU.
* Better facial recognition - Photo Gallery facial recognition is improved significantly and works more quickly.
* Larger movie uploads - Movie Maker will upload higher resolution movies to SkyDrive (480x640 vs. the previous 320x480).
* Higher bit-rate movies - Movie Maker now supports higher quality (bit-rate) content.
* Better spell-checking - Writer has significantly improved the quality of its spell-checking.
* Better integration with Office - Writer is much better at retaining all formatting when you copy and paste from Word and other Microsoft Office programs.
* Better handling of Gmail – Mail now automatically handles Gmail’s spam and trash folders properly.
* Faster web filtering - Family Safety web filtering is 35% faster than in the previous version.

Download Windows Live Essentials 2011 Beta

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