December 27, 2010

IgniteIM, a new IM app from the makers of TextNow, is now available to download for free in the App Store. The iOS application allows users to work with AOL / AIM, Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, MySpace, and Yahoo.

IgniteIM is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It eequires iOS 3.0 or later.

IgniteIM Screenshots :

December 23, 2010

"This post is dedicated to gtalk (includes android users too) users who have a bajillion apps installed to be able to chat with their friends on MSN/AIM/ICQ/Jabber.

Although Google don’t have any additional transport protocols on their jabber servers although we can use third party servers as a workaround.

You can chat with all your friends using android’s native gTalk client, saving memory and battery life.

How to do it?
Download Psi from and Install it..."
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December 21, 2010

Download A-Patch for Yahoo! Messenger - Remove Ads and Enable Multi-Messenger for YMA-Patch for Yahoo! Messenger allows you to remove the advertisements displayed in the Yahoo MEssenger and also run several istances of the application at the same time.

Also, it doesn't actually patch Yahoo, all it does is add some registry entries which disable the ads and enable multi-messenger for Yahoo Messenger!

A-Patch for Yahoo! Messenger will remove Contact List advertisement and the Chat Room one. A-Patch for Yahoo Messenger does all that with a single click.

Download A-Patch for Yahoo! Messenger

Verbs ScreenshotVerbs is and instant messaging application for iPhone and iPod Touch. Verbs currently supports Google Talk.

Verbs Features:

# Retina Display Support - With full support for Apple’s amazing Retina display, Instant Messaging never looked so good.
# Files in the cloud- Verbs supports CloudApp, and you can view Images, PDFs, Office and iWork documents within the app.
# Full Multitasking support - With multitasking support, Verbs makes sure you always stay up to date with what your friends are saying.

Buy Verbs for $2.99


December 17, 2010

Droplet USB Email And Message NotifierConnect Droplet USB Email And Message Notifier to your computer and Droplet will light up when you get new mails or messages. It supports Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, MSN Messenger, Skype and other POP3 email accounts.

Product Specifications:

* Email + message notifier
* USB 2.0
* LED indication
* Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
* Supports Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, MSN Messager, Skype and * POP3 email accounts
* Cable length: 110cm
* Size: 95*70*70mm
* Weight: 65g

Buy Droplet USB Email And Message Notifier for US$15.00

December 16, 2010

Trillian for Android Full Version Now Available !Trillian for Android is now available on the Android Market and it's priced at $4.99. You can now chat with your friends on AIM, Facebook Chat, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ and a lot more from your Android phone.

As a Trillian user, all your contacts and accounts are automatically carried over to your new Android device. Devices as far back as 1.6 can run Trillian for Android

Robust chat features :

* Tabbed chat: Switch between many simultaneous chat sessions easily by tapping the tabs. View latest activities at a glance.

* Landscape mode: We know you want it, so we included this in the first version of our Android port! Works perfectly with phones with a sliding keyboard.

* Send emoticons, photos and buzz: Share a picture taken with your phone camera, have fun with a large variety of emoticons, and even buzz your friends to demand attention.

Get Trillian for Android

December 15, 2010

December 14, 2010

How to Use Instant Messaging to Learn a Foreign Language"...There are four dimensions of learning a foreign language: speaking, understanding, reading and writing. And there are few tools that provide a complete approach, allowing learners to develop the four skills at the same time. Instant messaging is one of these few tools.

Who does not chat with his friends via a Skype, Yahoo Messenger or MSN? I think instant message is a component of everyone’s daily life. Then, why not use instant messaging to learn a foreign language?.."
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Skype for AndroidSkype team has just updated their Android app.

You can now:

-Use the app on your Samsung Galaxy S, as long as it’s running Android OS 2.2 or later. You can find out how to update your phone on the Samsung website.

-Store the app on your phone’s SD card if it’s running Android OS 2.2 or later.

If you store the app on your SD card, the data Skype uses while the app is running is still stored on the internal memory of your phone. Skype team expects this to take up around 15MB of space for most people.

To get the update, head to on your phone.

December 09, 2010

New Trillian 1.1 for BlackBerry Supports Landscape Messages InboxCerulean Studios has just released Trillian 1.1 for BlackBerry and it's now available on BlackBerry App World! Two of most popular feature requests, message inbox integration and landscape support, arrive in 1.1. Those of you who purchased Trillian already will receive this update free of charge.

Trillian 1.1 for BlackBerry Features:

* Landscape support.
* Messages inbox integration.
* New emoticon button and browser.
* Group contact list by service.
* Option to start Trillian on device boot.
* Much faster opening of message windows.
* ‘Connect all’ and ‘disconnect all’ options.
* BiDi language support.
* Various bugfixes and minor improvements

Download Trillian 1.1 for BlackBerry

December 07, 2010

Faceplus ScreenshotFaceplus is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to add smileys and colors in your Facebook messages.

You can customize your Facebook experience with Faceplus features:

* Add 30 smileys to your Facebook messages

* Add color and BBCode to your Facebook messages (Color, Bold, Italic, Underline)

Install Faceplus


December 06, 2010

Chat Translator for Yahoo! MessengerChat Translator for Yahoo! Messenger is can transtate Yahoo! Messenger messages into English, French, German, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, and other 15 languages instantly.

This real-time Yahoo! Messenger Chat Translator fully supports Yahoo! Messenger V9.0 and above.

Chat Translator for Yahoo! Messenger Features :

• Convert more than 20 languages such as English, Chinses, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French and Dutch when chatting.
• Send message with real-time translation.
• Translates replies from one language into your own language.
• You can conduct instantaneous discussions with business partner from all corners of the globe.
• Enhance business opportunities with better understanding.
• Choose display "Translation only" to sent translations to your business partner as if you can speak good Chinese.
• Select "Original and translation" avoid misunderstanding.
• Stop translation whenever you want to.

Download Chat Translator for Yahoo! Messenger