February 28, 2011

Kadu ScreenshotKadu is an open source gadu-gadu protocol instant messenger client for Linux, BSD and Mac.

Since the version 0.3.7 Kadu uses a plugin system, called modules. Modules have a variety of functions: from the most basic, responsible for sound support or icon docking in the system tray etc...

Kadu Features:

# User-friendly, fast, stable and flexible

# Runs on Linux, BSD & Mac

# No adware.

# Open source

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February 25, 2011

Ursa Spell Checker ScreenshotUrsa Spell Checker is a small program that allows you to check and correct the spelling while chatting in Skype. It allows you to avoid embarrassing spelling mistakes by using the Skype chat.

While typing text in Skype chat just press the spell checking keys and Spell Checker starts to work- it underlines with red points all the words with spelling mistakes.

Ursa Spell Checker Features:

- Ursa Spell Checker can check the spelling in several languages which dictionaries can be added.
- The dictionaries in Ursa Spell Checker are included for free.
- Replacements list with a simple mouse click.
- Replacements are sorted by the degree of closeness with the misspelled word.
- Speed way to start the spell checking with the spell checking keys you set.
- Multi-language intelligent user interface.
- Easy Enable/Disable.
- Helpful and exhaustive manual.

Download Ursa Spell Checker for Skype

February 22, 2011

Facebook Chat in HotmailMicrosoft announced today that “Facebook chat is available to Hotmail customers worldwide, wherever Facebook is available”. The Windows Live blog gives instructions on how to connect Facebook to Windows Live:

"To try it out, first connect your Facebook account to Windows Live and make sure the “Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger” box is checked to give your consent to Facebook. We’ll link your accounts (this may take a few minutes), and you can start a chat from Hotmail just by clicking on the name of a Facebook contact. If this doesn’t work right away, sign out and back in again, and you should be good to go."

February 21, 2011

NumberMe ScreenshotFreely distributable application NumberMe is simple and funny tool for encrypting chat messages, e-mails, or any text.

To decrypt a message you have to enter the same encryption key by which was this message encrypted. Program has very simple and user-friendly interface. Output form of encryption are numbers.

With your unique encryption key your message will only be able to decrypt by person to who you give your key.

NumberMe Features:

# Characters: the number of characters you can use in single message.
# Encrypting Speed: with higher speed you save a lot of time.
# Universal key: with universal key you will be able to decrypt any message encrypted with NumberMe or NumberMe Pro without knowing an encryption key.
# Special key: with special key you can decide whether to make your numbers decryptable or not for NumberMe or NumberMe Pro users. When using special key these users will not be able to decrypt your message even if they do know encryption key.

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February 16, 2011

Skype"Skype has also announced a plan to pre-load its app on handsets running on networks with poor 3G connectivity.

This year’s Mobile World Conference (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain may be dominated by tablets and smartphones, but Skype found some space to squeeze in an announcement about its Wi-Fi service, Skype Access. The popular VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) provider announced that it plans on expanding its partnerships to cover over 500,000 locations around the world. Skype Access previously is available at around 200,000 locations..."
Continue reading : Skype expands Access service to over 500,000 Wi-Fi hotspots

Posted by Edwin Kee @ Digital Trends

February 14, 2011

Download Messenger Plus! 5 (compatible with WLM 2011)Yuna Software has released Messenger Plus! 5, the latest version of the software developed by the new team. The build is the first compatible with Windows Live Messenger 2011. Messenger Plus! is an add-on for Windows Live Messenger that adds features and extras to the software.

New features include online logging, a MyPlus! account and a refresh to the designs of both the website and the application.

Download Messenger Plus! 5

February 08, 2011

aLync MessengeraLync is a multi-messenger client. It supports Yahoo, Google Talk, MSN and OCS/Lync (CWA server needed for connection) services.

With aLync you can log on to your Yahoo, GTalk, MSN and OCS accounts and chat with your friends. It supports file transfer, a simple drawing board so you can easily draw something to your buddies and send them over.

aLync has gesture recognition methods implemented so you can simply access helpful functions like sending text messages and calling a contact from your phone.

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February 03, 2011

Skype to E-mail Forwarder ScreenshotSkype to E-mail Forwarder is a small and easy to use application that is able to forward missed Skype chats and calls to your e-mail (and e-mail enabled phone).

With Skype to E-mail Forwarder it's also possible to reply to the received e-mails in order to answer chat messages.

Skype to E-mail Forwarder Features :

# Requires SMTP server, minimizes itself to tray
# If Outlook integration is enabled you can answer back to Skype by replying to e-mail.
# If Outlook integration is enabled you can flag follow-ups by replying to e-mails and adding Flag: prefix in Subject.
# Can play sound for unread messages

Download E-mail Forwarder