February 21, 2011

NumberMe ScreenshotFreely distributable application NumberMe is simple and funny tool for encrypting chat messages, e-mails, or any text.

To decrypt a message you have to enter the same encryption key by which was this message encrypted. Program has very simple and user-friendly interface. Output form of encryption are numbers.

With your unique encryption key your message will only be able to decrypt by person to who you give your key.

NumberMe Features:

# Characters: the number of characters you can use in single message.
# Encrypting Speed: with higher speed you save a lot of time.
# Universal key: with universal key you will be able to decrypt any message encrypted with NumberMe or NumberMe Pro without knowing an encryption key.
# Special key: with special key you can decide whether to make your numbers decryptable or not for NumberMe or NumberMe Pro users. When using special key these users will not be able to decrypt your message even if they do know encryption key.

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