February 25, 2011

Ursa Spell Checker ScreenshotUrsa Spell Checker is a small program that allows you to check and correct the spelling while chatting in Skype. It allows you to avoid embarrassing spelling mistakes by using the Skype chat.

While typing text in Skype chat just press the spell checking keys and Spell Checker starts to work- it underlines with red points all the words with spelling mistakes.

Ursa Spell Checker Features:

- Ursa Spell Checker can check the spelling in several languages which dictionaries can be added.
- The dictionaries in Ursa Spell Checker are included for free.
- Replacements list with a simple mouse click.
- Replacements are sorted by the degree of closeness with the misspelled word.
- Speed way to start the spell checking with the spell checking keys you set.
- Multi-language intelligent user interface.
- Easy Enable/Disable.
- Helpful and exhaustive manual.

Download Ursa Spell Checker for Skype

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