March 15, 2011

eNotice ScreenshoteNotice is new bulk messaging solution allowing instant and reliable delivery of notifications, messages and alerts across any networks to Windows Desktops, Cell Phone as Text Message, RSS Feeds and Social Networks .

Simple and effective solution to allow administrators within an organization to reliably deliver key notifications, messages and notices to all or specific users across an enterprise while providing accurate records of message delivery and acknowledgement.

eNotice have a dedicated control panel that allow Administrators to create Groups and User accounts in the server system which allows Message Posters to post text messages for specific Group of Users in network or to Social Network Accounts.

The eNotice client will help you access all the benefits of the service right from your desktop. It runs in your system tray and will alert you as soon as an event occurs.

eNotice Features:

· Web based Control Panel
· Guaranteed Message Delivery
· Receipts, Acknowledgement
· Send Messages to Cell Phones and Social Networks
· Instant Notifications
· Emergency Alerts
· Integration with other sites
· Internal company hosting
· Centralized data storage
· Message history
· Small client application size

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